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Found 40 results

  1. Description: Một bộ SB đi kèm với theme Boss khá đẹp dành cho các bạn. Yêu cầu cài Widget Weather để hiển thị thông tin thời tiết, ram, pin... Download: SB UniAW7.1 Boss (MiiLadyb3rry)
  2. Download: Xen-Sign XH2.zip
  3. Description: A classic widget originally by Mone updated and rewritten. Credit to her for original widget, June for clock script and UniAW team for translation script. Also big shout out to Jkauf55 for help on this widget! Requires XenHTML 2 to work properly. Enjoy! Download: xen-weatherv7_1.0.deb
  4. Description: A classic UniAW mod originally created by Max_Pa1n, recreated for modern UniAW. Big thanks to M37h for assistance on getting this back to our devices, and of course to Max_Pa1n for the original widget. Widget Weather 3.6 or XenHTML 2.0 is needed for this widget to work properly. Enjoy! Download: uniawpa1nrenew_1.0.deb
  5. Download: P.ls.15.zip
  6. Description: Một bộ SBHTML hợp với theme như Mocha hoặc Coffee Diary khá đẹp Download: UniAW_XH2_Windows+V2.zip
  7. Description: Một bộ SBHTML rất đẹp dành cho các bạn yêu thích sự đơn giản và tinh tế. Download: SBHTML AH8@moneXH2.zip
  8. Download: dubsIS2buuf15 SBHTML deadpool.zip
  9. Description: Dubs Kuro SB (Only iPhone X) - Một bộ SB khá đẹp của Dubailive (chỉ dành cho iPhone X trở xuống) Download: Dubs Kuro SBHTML-U7-X.theme.zip
  10. Descriptions: Một bộ SB khá đẹp kết cấu phù hợp với các theme tối màu hiện đại dạng Tech của Shefumaster Download: SB32 Dark Neumorphism R.zip
  11. Download: SB33 BWL Leather Neumorphism R.zip
  12. Description: Một tweak đã rất quen thuộc với cộng đồng Jailbreakers. Cho phép bạn tinh chỉnh màn hình khóa và màn hình chính của thiết bị với nhiều widget rất đẹp mắt. Matchstic đã phát hành bản nâng cấp mới cho tweak Xen HTML v2.0~beta1, ở phiên bản này các bạn sẽ không cần phải cài thêm các tweak hỗ trợ hiển thị thông tin thời tiết, pin... như: XenInfo, Widget Weather... nữa rồi nhé Tất nhiên đây mới chỉ là bản Beta nên vẫn sẽ có một số lỗi, nếu bạn gặp bất cứ lỗi gì hãy thông báo cho Matchstic tại đây để anh ấy kiểm tra và fix nhé Xen HTML allows for displaying widgets on both the iOS Lockscreen and Homescreen. Xen HTML supports HTML+JavaScript widgets from all other related tweaks: LockHTML, iWidgets, SBHTML and Cydget. It provides a number of useful features: Homescreen Background Layer Adds support for rendering a widget behind icons. This layer has full touch support. Lockscreen Layers Adds both a stationary background layer behind the lockscreen, and a moving foreground layer for widgets. Integrated Widget Settings Editor Both Options.plist and config.js can be easily modified whilst in Settings. WidgetInfo.plist Provides support for a new file widget developers can use, which can give additional metadata to Xen HTML. It also allows for the usage of Options.plist in any widget, and is fully backwards compatible. See Documentation for more information. Improved Performance and Stability Xen HTML uses new WebKit APIs from Apple to help improve performance, and to optimise battery usage. Widget Placement Adjustments Provides drag and drop support for moving around widgets whilst in Settings. In-Settings Preview All settings can be previewed without leaving Settings. No Resprings for Settings Changes No settings change in Xen HTML's settings panel will ever require a respring. Why should I use this? The idea behind Xen HTML is that it unifies all existing HTML-based tweaks together, and improves their performance using new APIs where possible. Widget Locations To load widgets into Xen HTML, it is recommended to place those that are intended for the Lockscreen into: /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML The file LockBackground.html will be then be used to load your widget. This is to ensure backwards compatibility with both GroovyLock and LockHTML. For the Homescreen, Xen HTML will load widgets from: /var/mobile/Library/SBHTML The HTML file loaded from here will be Wallpaper.html, again, to maintain backwards compatibility with SBHTML. Both of these folders will be created on installation by Xen HTML if they do not currently exist. What's New v2.0~beta4 [iOS 10 - 13.5] Improve the stability of widgetinfod v2.0~beta3.2 [iOS 9 - 13.5] Fixed an issue where translated content did not fallback correctly v2.0~beta3.1 [iOS 9 - 13.5] Reverted fix for "widgets could scroll horizontally when double tapping their edge" v2.0~beta3 [iOS 10 - 13.5] Rebuilt the IPC layer between widgets and widgetinfod This greatly improves system stability, such as unexpected freezes or missing widget data [iOS 10 - 13.5] Addressed some potential battery issues in <code>widgetinfod</code> [iOS 9 - 13.5] Fixed an issue in Settings where widget previews were not unloaded correctly, leading to excess memory usage [iOS 9 - 13.5] Added toggle for changing how the built-in battery management system should work Option is available in Settings -> Xen HTML -> Advanced [iOS 10 - 13.5] Fixed issue preventing Snowboard from themeing Today View widgets [iOS 9 - 13.5] Developer Options are now moved to the Advanced section [iOS 9 - 13.5] Fixed an issue where widgets could scroll horizontally when double tapping their edge [iOS 9 - 13.5] Added an option to restore the default Lockscreen idle timeout [iOS 13.0 - 13.5] Fixed an issue where widgets were not clipped to the edges of the screen [iOS 10.0 - 13.5] The Weather narrative field in widgets should now be auto-translated v2.0~beta2.1 [iOS 10 - 13.5] Fix an incompatibility with IconOmatic when loading app icons v2.0~beta2 [iOS 10 - 13.5] Default widgets now support Dark Mode (thanks to tomaszpoliszuk) [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added support for XenInfo actions: openurl, openapp [iOS 10 - 13.5] Fixed issue where iframes would open their contents in Safari [iOS 9 - 13.5] Fixed issue that prevented CarPlay icons from theming [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added an Applications data provider to the API [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added new default widget to demonstrate the Applications data provider [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added some further safety checks to prevent widgetinfod from crashing [iOS 10 - 13.5] Improved widget compatibility v2.0~beta1 [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added integrated widget library This allows widgets to take full advantage of system-level data and functionality, without any additional tweaks installed You no longer need the following tweaks installed: • XenInfo • Widget Weather 3 • InfoStats 2 • myLocation This feature is currently in progress; it can run the majority of widgets currently available. See the Documentation for more details This is NOT available on iOS 9, due to missing JavaScript features Note: there are a small number of reports that widget data is missing after installation If this happens to you, try running ldrestart, or rebooting [iOS 10 - 13.5] Added seven (7) new default widgets, that showcase usage of the new widget library [iOS 9 - 13.5] Added various stability improvements: • SpringBoard's memory limit is now raised to avoid random resprings • Other tweaks are prevented from injecting into WebKit XPC services, unless they explicitly set that they need to [iOS 13.4 - 13.5] Added full support for these two iOS versions Please report any new issues here Additionally, be on the lookout for widgetinfod crashes v1.1~beta5 [iOS 13.3] Fix Lockscreen widgets not showing up [iOS 13] Tweaked internal handling of XenInfo updates when widgets are paused v1.1~beta4 [iOS 13] Fix issue where apps would not open correctly after tapping notifications v1.1~beta3 Forgot to disable logging to file v1.1~beta2 [iOS 13] Removed support for Legacy Mode This lead to crashing if used on iOS 13 v1.1~beta1 [iOS 13] Initial support for iOS 13 [iOS 9.0 - 13.2] Fixed an issue preventing widgets showing in the Notification Centre when Persistent Mode was enabled v1.0.1~beta1 [iOS 12.4] Experimental hotfixes for A12 users w/ unc0ver Some issues are still expected, such as instability when applying widgets Depends : firmware (>= 9.0), mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>= 11.0) | com.unlimapps.uaunbox Download: com.matchstic.xenhtml_2.0~beta4_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. Description: Chia sẻ cho các bạn một bộ SB khá đẹp do bạn Atarashi chia sẻ Download: - iPhone PLUS: Widget-Ats-MS-B.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb - iPhone X: Widget-Ats-MS-B-X.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb - iPhone Xs Max, Pro Max: Widget-Ats-MS-B-XPM.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb
  14. Download: SBHTML PinkOrange mod RS orig.V12mone XI.rar
  15. Download: SB.DaDa.27 RS mod.rar
  16. Description: Một bộ Lockscreen đẹp chủ đề Coffee Diary huyền thoại được edit bởi TQM Download: LS Coffe Days by TQM.zip
  17. Description: Thêm một bộ SB của Atarashi chia sẻ, phù hợp với các theme dạng tech tối màu Download: Dòng iPhone Plus: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-iplus.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb Dòng iPhone X: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-iX.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb iPhone 11-Pro Max: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-i11-ProMax.zip
  18. Description: Một bộ Lockscreen đi kèm với theme Boss khá đẹp mắt Yêu cầu cài đặt Widget Weather để hiển thị thông tin thời tiết, ram, pin... Download: LS UniAW7.1 Boss (MiiLadyB3rry)
  19. Description: Thông tin tình hình Covid-19 ngay trên màn hình khóa của bạn. Covid19 information on your lock screen Change Log: Version 1.4 Fixed heaps of bugs. Added country flag. Removed useless info. Download: Covid19 Infomation Stats_1.4.deb
  20. Description: Một bộ LS & HS được Việt hóa bởi Mỹ Korg khá hay và đẹp Download: Tombik.zip
  21. Description: The newest update of the timeless Universal Animated Weather. Now with 4 style sheets to start modding from - 2 for LockScreen (including Ian's Original) and 2 for Springboard using the 1/3rd size animation window Download: com.yourepo.newd.uniaw2018base_4.1.5.deb
  22. Description: ORIENT EXPRESS Take your seat on the most elegant train in history, place your things on the wooden shelves, look through the train car's ornate window and enjoy watching beautiful landscapes in different weather conditions. Legend Widget Creator, Morkino, from MMi fame, teams up with NewD for this newest widget and presents: Questions? Visit NewD’s Discord server: https://discord.gg/xSt5mCe Download: com.yourepo.newd.uniaw2020orientexpress_1.0.deb
  23. Description: The LS partner to Orient Express for Springboard. Any questions - visit NewD’s Discord server at: https://discord.gg/xSt5mCe Download: com.yourepo.newd.uniaw2020lsorientexpress_1.0.deb
  24. Description Widget originally created by @tvdMD re-coded for XenInfo by JunesiPhone You will need XenHTML and XenInfo to run this widget. Apply in XenHTML to the lockscreen or homescreen. To change to 24hr open the var/mobile/Library/SBHTML/Wallpaper.html and change twentyfour : false, to true Download: com.junesiphone.xenja3_0.0.1.deb
  25. Description: Unc0ver Widget LS (Foreground) 3 Widgets in the package Uncover LS Unc0ver LS Plus Series Unc0ver LS X Series UI Inspired by @iOS_App_Dev & @HiMyNameIsUbik Features: Date/Time Current Temp Current Location Weather Icon Battery Info Ram Info Dark Mode/Transparent Requires: XenHTML, XenInfo What's New v1.3 added Unc0ver LS X Series for X Devices v1.2 added Unc0ver LS Plus Series for Plus Devices v1.1 Adds option BlurTransparent mode Download: com.yourepo.alimaulana.unc0ver_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb

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