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Found 47 results

  1. Một theme đầy màu sắc cho bạn nào đã chán mấy theme tối màu Download: Eve.Theme.zip Eve.Dock.zip
  2. Download: V2 MainPackage.zip
  3. Descriptions: Nice icons inspired by the army and camouflage. It is nice adding on your phone a great look Theme contains:- 200 icons 12 AE 1 folders 2 badge 2 dots 4 Docks 1 Switch Setting icons 2 widget Dialer numbers • more icons soon... Update: 06/07/2020 add 60 icons add 2 AE add 2 Docks add 1 Page Dots Updae: 18/07/2020 add 100 icons Compatible with all devices with iOS 7 - iOS 13 work with ( Anemone,Snowboard,iTheme) For more work check my twitter account @moondr1 and for requested icon send to my gmail ( moondr1@gmail.com ) Enjoy >> Download: Camo.theme_1.5.deb

    Embers v3.2

    Descriptions: Embers: Night, embers, fire, comfortable colors, icons designed with high accuracy,with dark blue color beautiful thing, I hope you like it. Features:929 Icons Settings theme (( Light , Dark )) 2 Bagdes theme 7 AE theme Battery theme Signal & WiFi theme LS Icons theme Status Bar Icons 1 dock theme 1 Mask theme 1 New Folders Theme 2 Dots Theme 1 Numbers Theme Icon requests Embers is very open to icon suggestions, you can make your requests via this email (samir3rab@hotmail.com) Provide proof of purchase (transaction screenshot) You can request up to 20 icons Please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID) You can get the app's bundleID here or by downloading BundleIDsXI (BundleIDsXII for A12) from Cydia/Sileo or any other package manager. Download: Embers_3.2.deb
  5. Description: -310 + Black icons -5 dock, -2 Statusbar, -6 AE, -Foldericons, -Settings icons -Phone dialer -4 Badge -1 SB Widget -1 LS Widget -Other widgets are not included in the theme. need to be purchased. There are only 1 SB and 1 LS widget. Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. Descriptions: Snowboard là một trình quản lý theme nhẹ nhàng, nhiều tính năng và không gây tốn pin như các tweak khác. Bao gồm toàn bộ các Extensions mình đính kèm theo, các bạn cài đặt hết luôn nhé. Snowboard is a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary Winterboard theming engine. It works with iOS 7 and up and supports formats from all other popular theming engines. Snowboard is faithful to the spirit of jailbreaking, and as an essential tool, it is therefore available for free. What's New? Latest Version: 1.3.8~Beta3 Fix a crash that could occur if another tweak requests an icon image using a NULL bundle identifier Improve folder icon animations with mask images that include transparency Other minor fixes 1.2.94~Beta2 Fix a crash that could occur if a theme contains extremely oversized icon images v1.2.82~Beta1 Fix certain masks on folders v1.2.78~Beta1 Fix extensions for Spotlight Search v1.2.74~Beta1 Update exclude list for alt icon picker Add english localisations for new preset extension update v1.2.67~Beta1 Fix crash with icon scaling on iOS 10 Fix minor ui bug with toggle buttons in theme selector UI when in dark mode on iOS 13 v1.2.66~Beta1 Fix named folder icons (iOS 13) Fix label height for scaled icons (iOS 13) Fix folder grid image not updating without respring (iOS 13) Improve animations when icon scaling is enabled on iOS 12 and 13 Fix folders Add press and hold to theme selector to show sub-theme information in theme selector Performance improvements v1.2.57~Beta1 Fix clock icon with glyph themes v1.2.52~Beta1 Bug fix v1.2.45~Beta1 Bug fixes Fix folder masking on iOS 13 v1.2.44~Beta1 Fix badge glitch with custom icon radius/scale on iOS 13 v1.2.37~Beta1 Various bug fixes and improvements Fixed FolderGridImageAlpha Added support for named folder backgrounds (Requires respring) Theme selector UI improvements, including ability to group/ungroup themes Improved extension UI Added some further utilities for extensions to make use of in the future Hide Icon Touch overlays toggle added to Icon Options Fix some issues with widget icon theming Partially tested iOS 13 support Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader Conflicts : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, winterboard Replaces : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, winterboard Download: version 1.3.8~Beta3: SnowBoard_1.3.8~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Application: SnowBoard Application_1.0.3~Beta2.deb SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension: SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension_1.0.25~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension: SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension_1.0.18~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Procedural Wallpapers Extension: SnowBoard Procedural Wallpapers Extension_1.0.1~Beta1.deb SnowBoard StatusBar Extension: SnowBoard StatusBar Extension_1.0.8~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Page Dots Extension: SnowBoard Page Dots Extension_1.0.6~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension: SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension_1.0.49~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Preset Extension: SnowBoard Preset Extension_1.0.19~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Dock Extension: SnowBoard Dock Extension_1.0.17~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Fonts Extension: SnowBoard Fonts Extension_1.0.8~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Respring Extension: SnowBoard Respring Extension_1.0.5~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Labels Extension: SnowBoard Labels Extension_1.0.4~Beta3.deb SnowBoard UI Extension: SnowBoard UI Extension_1.0.59~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Sounds Extension: SnowBoard Sounds Extension_0.0.2~Beta3.deb SnowBoard Icon Blur Extension: SnowBoard Icon Blur Extension_0.0.2~Beta1.deb
  7. Description: Liaca Dark Dark Side of Liaca with modern design base on unique colour palette perfect for Dark theme & perfect blend for iPhone, iPad, ipod. Crafted with love & people's base of suggestions to make it perfect for every age users & every type users. Liaca Dark Features : +1100 icons +17 alternative icons Settings theme 26 wallpapers (credit to original creator's) New Badges Full preference theme A pack of 26 wallpapers that you can download here Liaca Dark Updates : Liaca Dark will get updates every weeks containing 50-100 new icons. Redesign existing icons BundleID fixes Improve & fixes support for settings icons Updates might be delayed if i’m busy because I'm human. Take a Look at Devy_Design on twitter Liaca Dark Icon requests : For icon request, suggestions & new ideas so you can make your requests on this mail id (idrainmax@gmail.com) Provide proof of purchase (transaction or Receipt screenshot) You can request up to 15 icons Also please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID) Important notes : Liaca Dark is working for Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer. Liaca Dark work on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running running iOS 7 to iOS 13.3.1 Refunds will be declined after 24 Hours of use. Download: Liacadarks_2.2.deb
  8. Description: A simple, modern & beautiful IOS theme. unalkuru@outlook.com Twitter @unalkuru paypal : unalkuru70@gmail.com Download: KarlaDiaz_3.6.5.deb
  9. Description: Một theme khá đẹp phong cách tròn trịa unalkuru@outlook.com Twitter @unalkuru paypal : unalkuru70@gmail.com Download: KarlaDiazCircle13_1.0.1.deb
  10. Description: iThemer là một công cụ đơn giản nhưng mạnh mẽ cho phép bạn thay đổi giao diện hầu hết các phần trên thiết bị của bạn. iThemer is a simple, yet powerful theme engine that allows you to theme most of your device. iThemer currently supports the following: Theming home screen icons using the IconBundles @2x/3x/~large methods. Systemwide UI (.car/.artwork files) for in-App UI/StatusBar/Control Center etc theming. Bundles/Folders theming for APP UI / Tweak settings icons etc. Page Dots (using ANEMPageDots or MagicDots) ClassicDock support (SBDockBG style docks) Custom Badges Calendar and Clock theming Settings Icons UISounds System wide font and emoji support Overlays and shadows (compatible with AnemoneEffects or IconOmatic themes) Icon Masks Folder Customization (compatible with ANEMFolderIconBG and ANEMFolderBackground) and more on the way! Upcoming for near future release: Re-Add dock support for iPads and iPhone users running floating dock tweaks (FloatyDock etc) Add dock reflections Possibly a stand alone app and better theme application method iThemer's foundation was built from parts of open source Winterboard and Anemone (most of which were broken and had to be re-written to work on iOS 10+). iThemer started with the intent of being an extension for other theme engines, and also provide an alternative to Anemone for unc0ver users, but has evolved into a mostly complete theme engine that is compatible with most jailbreaks (does not work with Meridian) including a12(x) devices. I am still considering iThemer a beta, and I hope to keep adding more features as time goes on. I plan to have a more user friendly theme applying method once I have the time (if someone familiar with creating Apps wants to give a hand, please let me know). What's New v2.0.0-3 Fixed reported bugs Some performance improvements Added back UISounds with support for arm64/e Nothing new this release, just bugs and performance. Next release will have new features including iOS 13 wifi/signal theming, a better application method and more v2.0.0-2 Major bug fixes Recommend re-applying theme after installing due to new changes v2.0.0-1 Fully updated for iOS 13 Added Dock Reflections Added folder icon theming based on folder names Added clock hand theming Bug fixes and more Still considered a beta, you might come across some bugs. Please use the bug report link in the settings panel to report any bugs. Thanks v1.0~beta2-1 Added system wide font/emoji support Fixed an issue that showed a thin white line when enabling docks Cleaned up opening/closing folder animation when a FolderIcon or Effect is enabled a few other small bug fixes/clean up v1.0~beta1-2 Added correct code for folders, should stop safe mode crashes Fixed issue with MakeRespringsGreatAgain respring logos not applying correctly Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader Conflicts : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone3, winterboard, com.spark.snowboard Replaces : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone3, winterboard, com.spark.snowboard Download: iThemer_2.0.0-3.deb
  11. Description: Bộ theme Coffee Diary rất nổi tiếng được DaddyKool remake lại cho iOS 9,10 & 11 (tất nhiên iOS 12 vẫn dùng được, chỉ là chưa đầy đủ icon nhé) Các bạn make icon xong chia sẻ lên đây cho đủ bộ nhé FULLY UPDATED FOR ANEMONE RUNNING ON IOS 9,10&11: THIS BEAUTIFUL RUSTIC SKEUO THEME BY TrUTheam HAS BEEN PORTED BY DADDYKOOL. FOR ICONS PLEASE VISIT THE "JAILBREAK AND WIDGET HELP" DISCORD SERVER #coffee_diary channel: https://discord.gg/CXaCm4H What's New v1.3.1 More Icons added v1.3 Updated Settings icons, added FolderIcons, new icon updates (Thanks, Azaleea, daddykool & misterjrw) v1.2 missing packages still, sorry v1.1 bad upload v1.0 Initial release Download: com.yourepo.newd.coffeediaryios91011_1.3.1.deb CoffeeDiary Font: CoffeeDiary.Fonts.rar
  12. Description An awesome theming engine for iOS 7 through iOS 11! Theme more than just icons! Anemone is designed for the new UI elements introduced in iOS 7 and higher to allow themes to change more of the look of the device! Anemone is backwards compatible with existing Bundles, Folders, IconBundles, ClassicDock, ClassicBadges, and CustomClock themes. Anemone also supports theming folder icons, applying masks, overlays and shadows to icons, changing interface colors across iOS, customizing icon labels, and applying custom blurs. Documentation for themers is available on the wiki. Anemone categorizes themes by packages and shows live previews of icons in a theme inline. Furthermore, before applying, Anemone shows a preview of the theme applied with your current wallpaper. By default on iOS 7 and higher, a dock mask is not enabled in Anemone. To get your dock back, enable "Default Dock" in Anemone. Developers: We are open sourcing components of Anemone on github! We recommend checking it out and contributing! Wiki Bug Reports Twitter Support What's New 1. Remove support for HTML wallpapers in preparation for Anemone 3.x Depends : firmware (>= 7.0), mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap, pincrush Conflicts : org.coolstar.themelib, anemoneteam.anemone, winterboard, com.codethemed.iconbundles, com.idd.iconomatic Replaces : org.coolstar.themelib, anemoneteam.anemone, org.coolstar.classicdock, winterboard, org.coolstar.classicbadges, com.codethemed.iconbundles, com.idd.iconomatic Download: anemone_2.1.8-2.deb
  13. Description: Anemone là một công cụ giúp thay đổi giao diện cho thiết bị của bạn. Phiên bản này chỉ tương thích với những thiết bị Jailbreak bằng tool Chimera nhé. Anemone is the replacement for Winterboard and available for free in Cydia. You can download various Designs for the theme manager and change the look of iOS from scratch up. Like for Winterboard there are many themes available for Anemone. The replacement shows also the old winter board themes but that doesn’t mean that they are 100% compatible with your iOS version. Themes can be activated very easily in Anemone. Just tap on the Enable button and then you can activate the different options too (if available). When you are ready you can tap on Preview and then get inside the app a preview of the selected theme. If you like the design you can hit Apply and the design gets applied. Depends : firmware (>=11.0), org.coolstar.tweakinject, com.ex.libsubstitute, pincrush, firmware (>=12.2) | org.swift.libswift (>=5.0) Conflicts : winterboard, com.codethemed.iconbundles, com.idd.iconomatic Replaces : org.coolstar.themelib, anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, winterboard, com.codethemed.iconbundles, com.idd.iconomatic Download: com.anemonetheming.anemone3_3.0~beta15_iphoneos-arm.deb Anemone 3 SpringBoard Extension Pack Replaces : org.coolstar.classicdock, org.coolstar.classicbadges com.anemonetheming.anemone3-extsb_3.0~beta10_iphoneos-arm.deb

    Vader v1.2

    Description: Vader Beta 1.0 comes with 197 Icons , 2 Docks for X and 2 Docks for non X, 7 Ae´s and Nightmode. I'm still working on this theme and there will always be updates with more icons and settings bundles. Thank you all for liking the theme. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.vader_1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb

    Cocaine v1.1

    Description Here is it , a nice color mod from Euphoria Theme @Bulldog5278. It first comes with over 100 icons, UI and some AE. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.cocaine_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  16. Description Choco Bean so far finished with 11AE's, 1 dock (more to come) and much more. Dialer theme and Wallpaper can be found in the theme folder Extras. In Filza go to the Choco Bean.theme folder. There is the folder Extras . The theme has 204 icons (more are coming in updates bit by bit),Nightmode. Thanks to @Johncon68 for the Phone AE and @Jesse66 for help Settings. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.chocobean_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb

    M3ll1 v1.0.2

    Description Here comes my new free Theme 120 Icons. The theme is created for snowboarding. It can also be used with Anemone. It contains only icons, since snowboard is not UI themed, updates with more icons will follow. Thanks to bulldog5278 for the AE. The AE is already fixed above the icons. Also thanks to all the other theme designers I got inspiration from. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.m3ll1_1.0.2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  18. Description It?s here! Black Lagoon. Awesome Black Theme with over 220 Icons, Nightmode,Spinner and 3 AE?s. Thanks for your Support and thanks @Bulldog5278 for the AE. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.blacklagoon_1.3.2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  19. Description White Lagoon is here! It's a nice white theme with a slight chrome effect. it's the white edition to Black Lagoon. have fun with it. To install the White Lagoon, you must first purchase Black Lagoon Depends : firmware (>=9.0), com.anemonetheming.anemone , com.yourepo.sl3in82.blacklagoon Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.whitelagoon_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb

    NikFab v1.1

    Description: Here you can get a colored theme from me With over 300 icons themed Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.nikfab_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb

    Chr0m v1.0.3

    Description: Wonderful Theme with a nice Chr0m effect. The Theme come with over 260 Icons , Settings themed,2 AEs and a Nightmode plist for Settings and Anemone. Telephone UI Theme for iOS 11 .Paste the folder in the following paths. Passcode Dialer UI Themen -var/mobile/library/caches Telephone Dialer theme - var/ mobile / Containers / Data / Application / phone / Library / caches / TelephoneUi-4 Should you use Eclipse. Then change the name of mask.png to White.png The old folder TelephoneUi-4 is named OLDTelephoneUi-4. Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.chr0m_1.0.3_iphoneos-arm.deb

    Flubber v0.1

    Description: Một theme mang phong cách trẻ trung, tươi mới do Sl3in82 thiết kế Download: com.yourepo.sl3in82.flubber_0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  23. Description: Gold icons Theme contains : 200 icons theme 1 Switch 3 badge 3 dock 5 folder 1 Dots 12 AE 2 widget iPhone and iPhoneX - Xmax Update: 9/12/2019 add 65 icons fix widget Compatible with all devices with iOS 7 - iOS 13 work with ( Anemone,Snowboard,iTheme) For more work check my twitter account @moondr1 and for requested icon send to my gmail (moondr1@gmail.com) Enjoy >> Download: com.moondr1.king.theme_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  24. Description: Theme này được release khá lâu rồi, từ khi còn cho iOS 8 trên iPhone 6s Plus, vì vậy có thể một số icon sẽ không được themed Các bạn tự lấy file PSD về để tạo thêm icon dùng nhé ? Download: blacknuxtheme.deb blacknuxgold.deb blacknuxnuxiwidgets.deb blacknuxthemepsd.deb
  25. Description: Glasklart is an out-of-the-way, transparent theme that lets you really showcase your wallpaper. Glasklart is swedish, it means "clear as glass". Now includes 9.300+ high resolution icons which have been graciously crafted by the community. Download: at.dreamnet.glasklarthd_5.64_iphoneos-arm.deb

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