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Found 3 results

  1. Description: Lynx - Một tinh chỉnh tùy biến cho iOS 13 với rất nhiều tính năng hữu ích. Lynx - A dynamic customization tweak for iOS 13 Requires libcolorpicker (1.6.7) and Cephei (1.14) SpringBoard Hide Dock background Hide Table View separators Hide screenshot flash / set custom color Hide scrollbars / set custom color Hide navigation bar shadow image Hide folder titles Hide open folder background blur view Hide folder page dots Hide icon labels Hide icon badges Hide “Share App” option on 3D Touch Hide “Delete App” option on 3D Touch Hide “Edit Home Screen” option on 3D Touch Reverse order of 3D Touch shortcuts Hide 3D Touch shortcut icons Show IP address on Settings’ Wi-Fi 3D Touch shortcut Show battery percentage on Settings’ Battery 3D Touch shortcut Hide 3D Touch separator lines Hide control center statusbar Hide tab bar labels / set custom height Hide recently updated app dots Hide page dots Hide Status Bar Colored view (Location, Hotspot, Screen Recording) Hide Home Bar / Hide everywher (Overrides lockscreen) Hide folder icon view background Force 'Done' button when editing apps Hide 'Add Widget' text on SpringBoard widgets Hide Screen Time icon darkening view Hide Screen Time hourglass icon Automatically close folders when opening apps Hide Large titles on navigation bars Lockscreen Set clock font and size Hide battery popup when charging Hide page dots (Pre iPhone X) Hide notification app names Hide notification time labels Hide / change “Notification Center” text Hide FaceID padlock Hide passcode button background Hide emergency button Hide cancel button Hide delete/backspace button Hide Swipe Up To Unlock/Press Home to Unlock text Hide Search Bars on table views Hide Home Bar Hide Control Center grabber Hide 'No Older Notifications' text Disable camera Hide flashlight button (iPhone X) Hide camera button (iPhone X) Hide top FaceID text (iPhone X) Change FaceID animation duration AppSwitcher Use iPad grid style Hide Handoff app suggestions Hide card icons Hide card app labels Control Center Hide Status bar Hide message when toggling Status Bar Hide Wifi signal Hide Cell signal Hide Battery view Hide clock Hide Lock Icon (iPhone 8 and below) Today View (Widgets) Disable on lockscreen Hide Widgets View edit button Hide 'The Weather Channel' text App Store Replace Arcade tab with updates Messages Hide “Share Photo” option Hide iMessage app strip Photos Delete photos immediately Use infinite zoom Settings Hide 3rd party app section Hide cell icons Show IP address in Wi-Fi section Camera Use iPad style layout Hide last photo preview Phone Hide number button background Hide call button background Use custom call button color Hide Voicemail tab Show exact call time YouTube Allow playback in background Block Ads SoundCloud Block Ads Instagram Reenable number of likes Experimental features Use modern notifications, with custom icon radius and icon shadow What's New Version 1.2.2 New Features • Added option to use the Do Not Disturb during Bedtime dark lockscreen blur style Fixes • Fixed folders being rounded even when option was disabled, but moved option to experimental section until all bugs are fixed • Fixed Reddit coin button yet again, please report any issues with it, it's using a lot of Swift Version 1.2.1 New Features • Added option to disable Airplane mode animation • Added option to enable iPad style status bar • Added option to enable iPhone X style status bar • Added option to set custom icon corner radius Fixes • Fixed Dock background hiding on iPads • Fixed bluetooth toggle not working when disable control center Version 1.2.0-3 Fixes • Fixed missing color picker dependency Version 1.2.0-2 Fixes • Rewrote logic for kill all apps Version 1.2.0-1 Fixes • iOS 13.4 compatibility • Fixed hiding of Reddit coins and Imposter buttons • Added slider to fix velocity of App Switcher killing of all apps to prevent false swipes • Removed Spotlight hiding until complete compatibilty with Zenith • Disabled adding of 'Clear Badges' 3D touch option when no badge is present • Updated localization to current strings from here Version 1.0.8 New Features • Added option to hide 'Add Widget' text on homescreen widgets • Added option to hide Lockscreen media player • Added option to disable Screen Time icon darkening • Added option to hide Screen Time hourglass icon • Added option to hide 3D Touch separator lines • Added option to show full date for all phone calls • Added option to delete photos immediately • Added option to zoom infinitely on photos • Added option to speed up FaceID animations • Added function to kill app based on section when a respring is not required Bug Fixes • Fixed folder icon background not being hidden • Fixed 'Swipe up to unlock' not hiding Known Issues • Custom phone call button color not applying • Lockscreen camera button not functional when disabling swipe left for camera Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: Lynx_1.2.1.deb
  2. Description: FrontPage - Tinh chỉnh giúp bạn tùy chỉnh giao diện cho màn hình chính của thiết bị. FrontPage loads custom springboard themes that totally change the look and feel of your device. Think of it like DreamBoard. To apply go to settings and view the instructions listed. Easy Setup: Enable FrontPage Select Top Hide Dock Hide Icons Hide Page Dots Respring When on the springboard swipe down from the middle with 2 fingers Need to know: Setup weather by setting location services on, and setting weather to always You can add your city to the first two weather app cities to insure weather works Disable Iconoclasm (if installed) for icons to hide. On any firmware below iOS 11 you MUST have Reduce Motion enabled in Settings/General/Accessiblity other wise FrontPage will disappear when an app is opened. Themes can be downloaded from the FrontPage section on my repo. Simple is the base theme included in FrontPage to change dock icons tap and hold the icon you wish to change, then select from the drawer. You can use two finger swipe down to access FrontPage menu. Choose SpringBoard in the theme menu to return to a stock layout. Do not disable from settings. What's New Version:1.5 · Fix alarm issue on iOS13 Version:1.4.9 · Fix badge updating · Fix blank icon on install Version:1.4.8 · Weather update for iOS13 Version:1.4.7 · iOS13 support Version:1.4.6 · Fixed input bug · Darker background in icon picker Version:1.4.4 · Added backend code to open today view Version:1.4.3 · Added arm64e support Version:1.4.2 · Fixed open Switcher command Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: com.junesiphone.frontpage_1.5.deb
  3. Description: Thêm một bộ SB nữa cũng khá đẹp cho mọi người ? Download: SB_Blur_Trans V3.zip

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