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  1. Description: Compatible with iOS 12 and 13 !! Tinh chỉnh này sẽ thêm nhiều công cụ hữu ích vào menu 3D Touch cho thiết bị của bạn. Make your 3D touch menu a powerhouse !! Add powerful custom options to your 3D Touch menu: Get/Copy Bundle Identifier - Pops up an alert with the bundle id and an option to copy it Clear Badge - Clear the badges for the app, don't worry they come back if you close and reopen the app or receive a new notification. Clear Cache - Clear the app's caches freeing up space. Uninstall App - Uninstall the app right from the 3D menu.(requests confirmation first) Banners - Enable/Disable banners ONLY from the 3D menu. (Notice: When changed it will reload springboard using sbreload) Notifications - Enable/disable notifications from the 3D menu (Notice: When changed it will reload springboard using sbreload) App Lock - Lock the app, when enabled opening the app from anywhere will require authentication. It will be inaccessible from spotlight and all other 3D touch options will be disabled(other than 3DTools options). It is also blurred in the switcher. To disable the lock will also require authentication. Extra Options: Disable Badges Systemwide - Disable badges everywhere all the time. Hide Widgets in 3D Menus - Hide the widgets in the 3D menu, like the one for the Phone app. Hide Share in 3D Menus(iOS 12 Only) - Hide the share option in the 3D menus Hide Separators - Hide the thin lines in the 3D menu Hide Thick Separators(iOS 13 Only) - Hide the thick separators found on iOS 13 Color Options (1.0.2+ Pure Color(iOS 13 Only) - Remove the dimming view on the menu found in iOS 13 to use pure colors without tinting. Static Color - Set a static color for the menu background using libcolorpicker Adaptive Color(Icon) - Set the menu background color based on each app's dominant icon color Adaptive Color(Wallpaper) - Set menu background color based on current wallpaper's dominant color Adaptive Color Alpha(Transparency) - Adjust the transparency of the colors applied using the adaptive settings Note: alpha for static colors can be set via colorpicker. All the settings except the bottom 3 are set per app !! The icons in the 3D menu for Banners, Notifications and App Lock change depending on status and adjust for both light and dark menus. Fully compatible with A12 !! Got suggestions ? Tweet @ me, @smokin1337 #3DTools !! If you don't have Force Touch grab Force3DAppShortcuts tweak from DGh0st's repo ( https://DGh0st.github.io/). BigBoss version is NOT updated !! What's New v1.0.5 Added offload ap for iOS 13 Added show/hide edit homescreen, delete app and share app fo iOS 13 v1.0.4 iOS 13 support Added remove separators Bug fixes Added copy bundle id Depends : mobilesubstrate, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: 3DTools_1.0.5.deb
  2. Description: Compatible with iOS 12 and 13 on all devices. Tinh chỉnh giúp nhóm các tin nhắn của bạn lại theo một cách hiện đại hơn. Groups brings a modern feel to messaging. Just swipe right. Easily add conversations to one or more groups by swiping right. When you're ready to remove a conversation from a group, just swipe right again and watch them disappear! Personalize your groups. Don't like the default groups? Make them your own. Reset groups, change their names, and more within Groups's preferences. Find new messages easily. Groups that contain unread messages will display a red group name in the main submenu as opposed to the normal blue name. Send a mass group text - individually. Long press on the Groups button you currently have enabled to send a message to every individual conversation within a group. Archive your messages with Archive Mode. Have any old/dead conversations that you don't want to delete? Archive them with Groups. Conversations will appear in the Inbox whenever they become active again! NOTE - DEPENDENCIES If you are getting an error upon installation that says “Depends: ws.hbang.alderis”: please add the Chariz repo (https://repo.chariz.io) and download the package “Alderis Color Picker”. You are seeing this message because you don’t have a package installed that is required for Groups to function. What's New v1.1.1 New Features: Implemented Alderis Color Picker Added "Remove after Read" feature to Archive Mode Added ability for Inbox to be default on open if it was the last group viewed Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue with the Alternate Button not appearing after a multi-conversation selection Fixed an issue that caused problems with the default group on open Fixed an issue introduced in Groups v1.1 that caused a blank group to stay visible if it was the last group viewed & all conversations had just been removed from it Fixed an issue within Archive Mode that caused Messages to lag for some users (really sorry if you experienced this!) Fixed an issue that would result in the loss of the ability to see any conversations after resetting every group at once Added PreferenceLoader as a dependency Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, ws.hbang.alderis, firmware (>= 12) Download: Groups_1.1.1.deb
  3. Description: Tinh chỉnh giúp đem những tính năng của camera trên iPhone 11 Pro Max lên các thiết bị cũ hơn. Tool that brings iPhone 11 Pro Max’s features to an older devices What's New v1.7 New update New update for CameraPlus. What's new? - fixing an issue while taking pictures on some devices. - adding support for Chinese language.. More coming soon... for CameraPlus. What's new? - fixing an issue while taking pictures on some devices. - adding support for Chinese language.. More coming soon... v1.6 A new update 1- Crash issue fixed 2- Russian language supported and more soon v1.5 what's new General fixes Arabic language support added French language support added {Soon more} v1.4 New update for Camera Plus Fixing tweak preferences not loading for A12/13 v1.3 features added : - Enable portrait lightning effects option . - Hiding live photos option - fast zoom option fixed issues : - an issue when taking pictures . - an issue that causing tweak not working . *TO APPLY CHANGES YOU MUST RESPRING Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: CameraPlus_1.7.deb
  4. Description Compatible with iOS 12 and 13 BioProtect XS - Giúp bảo vệ ứng dụng của bạn bằng Face ID hoặc Touch ID Price: $2.99 Protect your apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode! - Add stylish protection to your applications and many other protectable items and prevent opening them unless you authenticate using your Face ID or Touch ID! (or enter a passcode, in devices that don't support Touch ID) - The most secure and yet fastest way to protect your applications, presented with a very cool UI. - Touch ID needs less than a second to verify a correctly added fingerprint! - Face ID needs even less! The tweak listens to application launch events or other protected items events and blocks them if they are listed as protected until you enter your Touch ID (or passcode)! You can configure it to protect access to applications, folders, settings panes, flipswitches, control center items, power down, SIM unlock and more! You can set a passcode as an alternative protection method (or as the only method in devices without TouchID sensor). The passcode is different than your device's passcode! (or you could use the same) Enjoy the fastest and yet most secure protection! What's New v4.4-51 - Fixes an issue where power off protection wouldn't allow to power down the device using biometric authentication. - Addresses an issue that might cause an overall device lag. - Fixes an issue with authentication tokens not being reset after locking the device biometrics using the 5-times lock button or volume and lock button sequence. - Fixes an issue where Photos tab was protected inside Camera.app even when on a Trusted WiFi Network v4.3-85 - Fixed Power-Off Protection not working on Face ID devices on iOS 13. - Fixed Fluid Switcher Gesture allowing protected apps to become active on iOS 13. - Fixed forceTouch glitches on iOS12/13 v4.1-30 - Fixed an issue with tapping lockscreen notifications not opening the application on Touch ID devices. - Added protection when using sharing methods for protected applications. - Added protection when using protected applications in iMessage attachments. - Fixed "Quit Protected App On Lock" option keeping lockscreen always on. Download: BioProtectXS_4.4-51.deb
  5. Description CallBar XS for all iOS 12 and 13 devices! Đừng để cuộc gọi tới làm phiền bạn! Tinh chỉnh này giúp bạn nhận cuộc gọi mà không bị thoát khỏi công việc đang làm bởi một khung hội thoại nhỏ gọn. - Complete call handling for Telephony and FaceTime audio calls, along with all other CallKit calls including Viber, WhatsApp, Skype etc, completely new UI, easier to access with instant dismissal with just a left swipe and a whole new and complete dialer interface. - CallBar re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it's ringing or while in a call. Answer, decline or dismiss a call with ease without stopping what you're doing. You can pick up a call and stay where you are while in any application. Even place calls from anywhere by activating the dialer interface with an activation method of your choice. - Movable view, you can re-position CallBar at the bottom or top of the screen live while in a call. - Dismiss-able. You can swipe left or top on CallBar to dismiss it, and bring it back at any time by tapping the status bar. - Top/Bottom appearance option. Choose where CallBar appears from. - Option to have different styles at lock screen and home screen. - NEW!!! Color theming! Choose your own background color, glass effect and opacity for CallBar. - NEW!!! 10 different styles to customise appearance. Light Glass, Dark Glass, Solid Black or White, curved, Concept X , an iPhone X-like style that's been requested a lot so far and the latest concept, Concept 13, a new Call UI that I promised to add. - Supports all iPhones on iOS 12. - If you owned CallBar X, your older license will be automatically detected and a 50% discount will be applied. What's New v3.0-28 - Fixed FaceTime Video calls showing "connecting" after resuming instead of video resuming normally. - Fixed FaceTime Video calls not resuming after switching to / from stock UI. - Fixed FaceTime Video calls not showing green status bar after being dismissed, being unable to resume the call. - Fixed overall FaceTime Video CallBar UI experience with correct video placement, expansion and rotation. - Fixed CallBar not showing green status bar randomly, being unable to resume the call. - Fixed inability to take screenshots during a call. Hold down volume-up button first, then press lock button to take a screenshot. - Fixed games and other applications hanging when CallBar UI appears. - Fixed CallBar not staying dismissed while an incoming call exists. - Fixed CallBar causing WhatsApp to exit while in call. - Fixed CallBar not allowing to transfer a call from Apple Watch to iPhone. - Fixed SIM card source label not appearing when having eSIM installed. - Fixed CallBar's Dialer UI appearing instead of actual in-call UI. - Fixed speaker icon being completely white in specific color themes. - Fixed CallBar's keyboard appearing and disappearing rapidly. - Fixed CallBar's Dialer's tap-to-show-recent not working. - Fixed swiping left on CallBar to dismiss not easily working. (Now you can only swipe left to dismiss or use the activation methods as well). - Fixed CallBar to stock UI and vice versa glitches. - Fixed numerous appearance and UI glitches. - Added Remote Screen Sharing over FaceTime feature. v2.3-75 - Fixed an issue with Apple Pay popups disabling lock button presses. - Fixed audio control icon glyphs showing up all white when selected. - Fixed volume up/down buttons not muting ringer for incoming calls. - Added support for FloatingDock in Concept X Zooming mode. v2.3-34 - Added iOS 13 support. - Added new Concept X theme options with screen zooming. - Fixed several issues. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>= 12), net.limneos.simpleactivationactions Conflicts : com.hackyouriphone.limneosos, net.limneos.callbarx, com.pulandres.audiorecorderxs, com.pulandres.callbarxs, com.repo.xarold.com.audiorecorderxs, com.pulandres.bioprotectxs, net.pulandres.nfcwriterx, com.repo.xarold.com.nfcwriterx, com.pulandres.limneosos, com.repo.xarold.com.limneosos Download: Callbarxs_3.0-28.deb
  6. Description: Tinh chỉnh hỗ trợ quicklauncher giống như BerryC8 A lockscreen quicklauncher inspired by BerryC8. A beautiful way of launching your apps. Just drag them down to open. There are many customisation options in the settings! such as Blending mode make the waves blend with the wallpaper A preview menu ( live editor ) for the wave colors Custom app pickcker & More What's New v1.7 ios 12 support added bug fixes Depends : mobilesubstrate,ws.hbang.common,preferenceloader,com.spark.libsparkapplist,com.creaturesurvive.libcscolorpicker Download: B3rry_1.7.deb
  7. Description: Ứng dụng ghi âm cuộc gọi cho iPhone chạy iOS 12-13 bao gồm: ứng dụng điện thoại, facetime, skype, messenger... và nhiều tính năng khác nữa chờ các bạn khám phá Audio Recorder XS, the so anticipated tweak for iPhone , has come to prove it was possible! - Free update for previous version owners! Don't fall for imitations! This is the 1st ever made and the best Call Recorder for iOS! -Dozens of new features added in this version such as: - Record calls from almost any service (Telephony, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Messenger, Tango, LINE etc) - Record Voice Memos: Record voice memos from the device's microphone with instant activation actions - Record system audio: Record any sound coming out of the device ("what you hear") - Automatically sync recordings to your Dropbox or Google Drive account - Assign contacts to always record their calls automatically - Multiple recordings sharing at once (zip and share) - Share your recordings with all supported applications on your device - Send your recordings via email, iMessage, or to all supported applications on your device - Use your web browser to easily copy all calls from your phone to your computer - Assign activation methods to bring up the recorder interface - Manage recording automation per application - Improved player and built-in visualiser for recording playback Record regular phone calls directly on your iPhone! Also record FaceTime audio/video calls, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Tango or LINE calls as long as System Audio, coming from anywhere on the device! Supports iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and all iPads. (Read below for iPhone 4S and iPads limitations) Audio Recorder does not use a remote server to record your calls, like other apps use as a workaround. It records directly on the device! There is no need for an internet connection when you record a telephony phone call. With Audio Recorder, you can record the phone calls you need to listen to later, such as business calls, appointment arrangements etc and you can store them locally on your iPhone. You can then play them, send them to your email or to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder, or delete them. There are options to automatically notify the remote party with a warning voice message that the call will be recorded at the beginning of your recording. (You are responsible for enabling or disabling this according to your country's law, since the law differs across countries. You are also responsible for making sure the other party is notified.) Legal disclaimer: Although Audio Recorder can automatically notify the other party that a call is being recorded, you should be aware that recording call conversations without the other party's consent is illegal in many countries. Check to comply with your country's laws before buying and using this application. Even if this application potentially fails to play the recording notification message or the other party does not hear it due to e.g. a bad signal, you are responsible for notifying and receiving consent from the other person that a conversation will be recorded if your country's law or the other person country's law demands it. The developer, seller or distributor of this application are not responsible if you use the application in any manner that may break the law. By buying or using this application, you accept the above. iPhone 4S limitation: In order to record regular phone calls on iPhone 4S devices, you must switch to speaker while in a call. You can record all other services (Facetime, Viber etc) without switching to speaker, though. iPad limitation: Recording system audio does not work on iPads at the moment. This is the first regular call recorder ever made for iOS The tweak that so many people have been waiting for is finally here! Audio Recorder XS's price is $3.99 Check the screenshots below and enjoy! What's New v3.5-32 Fixed recording quality and volume by including the system's built-in audio filters in the recorded audio. v3.4-2 Fixed a state monitoring issue where ending a call might not be caught resulting in joining recording to the next one. Fixed an issue with long VoiceMemos not appearing in AudioRecorder application. v3.3-386 Improved audio stream manipulation. Improved recordings volume adjustment. Fixed an issue that may cause a crash during a call, losing a recording. Added monitoring methods to resume a recording after a daemon crash. Fixes a whistling issue on some recordings. v3.3-365 Improved audio stream manipulation. Improved recordings volume adjustment. Fixed an issue that may cause a crash during a call, losing a recording. Added monitoring methods to resume a recording after a daemon crash. v3.3-100 Unified recording while changing audio sources. Now recordings are not split when you switch from one audio source to another. Fixed recordings not being saved when on bluetooth in services like Skype. Fixed recordings being randomly garbled when changing audio sources. Fixed long recordings failing to convert and be saved. Fixed incorrect remaining time in recording's player. v3.2-36 Fixed an issue with remote party not being recorded on A13 devices. v3.2-23 Fixed an issue that could bypass native biometric authentication. v3.2-2 Added support for iOS 13. Fixed several minor issues. v3.1-2 Fixed multiple files compress and share option not working. Fixed device locking when playing recordings. Added option to zip and download multiple recordings from the device using web server. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, net.limneos.simpleactivationactions, firmware(>=12.0) Conflicts : net.limneos.callrecorder, com.pulandres.audiorecorderxs, com.pulandres.callbarxs, com.repo.xarold.com.audiorecorderxs, com.pulandres.bioprotectxs, net.pulandres.nfcwriterx, com.repo.xarold.com.nfcwriterx, com.pulandres.limneosos, com.repo.xarold.com.limneosos Replaces : net.limneos.audiorecorder,net.limneos.audiorecorderx Download: Audiorecorderxs_3.5-32.deb
  8. Description: -need Prysm tweak for Control center -need CCModule tweak, Flipconvert Tweak for some control center icons -color for Prysm need Magma Evo tweak. Magma Evo color setting for Prysm connectivity container background transparency is 0%, Prysm media container background transparency is 2%, Prysm slider container background transparency is 2%, Prysm miscellaneous container background transparency is 7%. -only icons of Prysm Icon which belong to Prysm -theme no need replacement to Prysm icons -some more will come with update -just install theme already apply Prysm icon theme and no need to use theme just remove Prysm theme back to original Prysm icon. Bluetooth & WiFi image location in Filza /Library/Themes/RS CC.theme/Bundles/BetterCCIconsPro BetterCCIcons13 Location in Filza /Library/PreferenceBundles/BetterCCIcons13.bundle BetterCCIcons13 can download on iPhoneJB.Com ChangeLog: v1.1 -additional control center 4 icons, camera, flashlight, PowerSelector, screenshot -Magma Evo setting > Miscellaneous > Launchers & Toggles > container background reduce transparency v1.3 -additonal control center 13 icons, low power mode, QR code, rotation lock, DND, Accessibility shortcuts, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, DND While driving, Guided access, Location Service, Lock Device, Record Screen -Magma Evo for CC color https://www.dropbox.com/s/c65wtlhkwtgaotn/RS%20Prysm%20CC%20Color.zip?dl=0 v1.4 -additionl cc icons -if no use prysm need to use batterccicons13 Download: PrysmRSTheme_1.4.deb
  9. Description: Tinh chỉnh cho phép bạn thay đổi tên nhà mạng đang sử dụng. Change your network provider name! What's New Version 1.1.1 Add A12 / Chimera Support. Version 2.0 Support iOS 13 Fix bugs Redesign preference page Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: com.rpgfarm.customcarrier_2.0.deb
  10. Description: iPicMyContactsX hiển thị hình ảnh đại diện của danh bạ ở trong màn hình danh sách các cuộc gọi. Chỉ hiển thị ảnh đại diện của liên hệ đã được chọn ảnh đại diện iPicMyContactsX will display the contact picture or Initials next to it's name inside the contacts screens. Depends : firmware (>= 12.0), mobilesubstrate Download: iPicMyContactsX_0.9.deb
  11. Description: Tinh chỉnh đem đến giao diện cảnh báo giống trên tvOS cho thiết bị của bạn. Features: Blur UI when alerts and action sheets appear. Text color customization. Light blur or dark blur. Supports all devices on iOS 12. Supports touch id and face id! More to come.. Refunds will ONLY be accepted if requested before 12 hours after purchase! What's New v1.3 Added support for BioProtect Fixed crashes with a few other tweaks. v1.2 Fixed a lot of crashes when opening apps, preferences panes and just safemoding Fixed not working on some devices. Changed the way the blur is shown Optimizations.. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: Betteralerts_1.3k.deb
  12. Description: Supports iOS 12 & 13 Compatible with A12 Hiển thị phần trăm pin cho thiết bị của bạn. Đi kèm là rất nhiều tính năng hữu ích nữa, các bạn tự khám phá nhé ;) A customizable version of Arkrome with new features! Features: Very light-weight option to show you the percentage while keeping the battery icon. An option to hide the stock CC percentage. An option to hide the charging indicator. Disable it while charging. Optimizes the colorization based on the background color. Disable the low power mode yellow color. Set custom colors when charging and when NOT charging. Configure percentage color. Configure body color. Configure pin color. Apply colors to the body only, the percentage only or both. Experimental features will be added in the next update. Notes: It does NOT support RTL languages. It does NOT support the old Statusbar nor iOS 11. It does NOT support the QQ app. Report bugs: Simply send me a dm on Twitter @dpkg_ **This is the updated and maintained version of Arkrome and BatteryPercent12, they may or may not receive updates. Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11) Conflicts : com.dpkg.batterypercent12, com.dpkg.batterypercenta12, com.dpkg.arkrome Download: Arkrome_1.0.1.deb
  13. Description: AppShortcut 2 cho phép bạn truy cập nhanh vào ứng dụng ưa thích của bạn từ bất kỳ nơi nào trên thiết bị của bạn, kể cả từ màn hình khóa. Bạn có thể thêm bao nhiêu ứng dụng cũng được (không giới hạn) AppShortcut 2 allows you to quickly access your favorite iOS apps from anywhere you are on your device; that includes your lockscreen as well. You can add as many icons as you want ( no limit ). It behaves like AssistiveTouch, for example it will fade when you’re not interacting with it and snap to the edges ( can be turned off), also there is a dark mode included. Options to configure: Unlimited apps Lockscreen support Dark mode Freeform (can stay anywhere) Hide in Apps You can customize AppShortcut's appearance in the preference panel in the Settings app. Depends : mobilesubstrate, applist, preferenceloader Download: Appshortcut2_1.0.deb

    Delta v1.1

    Description: Delta là sự kế thừa của GBA4iOS và là một trình giả lập Game Boy đa giao diện điều khiển. Delta Delta is the successor to GBA4iOS and is a multi-console emulator built for iOS 12.2 and up. This version of Delta was built for iOS 12.0 and up. Compatibility Delta supports ALL devices running iOS 12+! Delta does not support fullscreen on iPads. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>=12.0) Download: Delta_1.1.deb
  15. Description Compatible with iOS 12 and 13 Support for iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/Xʀ Tinh chỉnh giúp hiển thị phần trăm pin cho thiết bị iPhone dòng X Show Battery Percentage for iPhone X Series. Turns off the percent display when you open Control Center. There are no settings or options. What's New v0.0.4 Added turn on/off the display of Battery Percent. v0.0.3 Added options in Settings Arabic numerals Apps to exclude Custom Carrier Name Hide Carrier Name v0.0.2 Added options in Settings Enabled Hide Charging Indicator Hide CC Percent Right To Left Special thx Icon designed by @JannikCrack Depends : mobilesubstrate Conflicts : com.spark.batterypercentx, com.dpkg.batterypercent12, com.dpkg.batterypercenta12, com.dpkg.arkrome, com.dpkg.arkromepro, com.neinzedd9.percentagebatteryx, com.neinzedd9.percentagecirclex, com.blakeboxberger.bazzi2, com.neinzedd9.bazzi Replaces : com.ichitaso.batteryx Download: com.ichitaso.batteryx_0.0.4_iphoneos-arm.deb
  16. Description Tinh chỉnh mang đến bố cục giao diện màn hình chính sinh động với giao diện người dùng trực quan. HomePlus is a dynamic layout engine that updates changes in real time. It was built from the ground up with a clean experience and UI in mind. It was also, conveniently, built with iOS 13 support in mind. HomePlus is still in active, rapid development. I was honestly not prepared for this volume of users this early on in the project. I will continue to work and make this better, but I cannot guarantee it will work perfectly on your device yet. Good work takes time. Please be patient, and together we can build something great ? What's New v0.4.8 Fix FloatyDock/Dock Issues Add Icon Transparency Support Add "Disable Dock Config" Toggle v0.4.6 Add Dock Configuration for iOS 12 Fix Dock Configuration Everywhere Fixed bad gesture Fixed top row of icons being unresponsive FloatyDock fixes on iOS 13 Fix some other small dock bugs Fixed some unresponsive buttons v0.4.3 Fixed FloatyDock support v0.4.2 Fixed lag on iOS 12 v0.4.0 Rewrote most of the tweak Went back to the old way of saving/loading settings Better Gesture Tutorial on first run And so much more I could never hope to fit in this changelog v0.2.1 Fix an issue with values not being saved properly Please scroll down to read the full 0.2.0 changelog v0.2.1 Fix an issue with values not being saved properly Please scroll down to read the full 0.2.0 changelog v0.2.0 Rewrote entire settings/prefs data manager to be more reliable Support Docky 2.0/1.0 on iOS 12 as well. Add Docky Compatibility Mode Respringing now properly saves changes HS/Dock independent resizing works properly on iOS 12 Settings more properly saved and loaded overall Force iPhone X Dock now works across versions "Reset all Settings" is now 10x more reliable Ease of Use changes in how values are processed on iOS 13 Remove useless slider in scale section Redid the way things are loaded to be much, much faster Fixed a bug that caused folders to crash SB if you looked at them Added option to choose storage method Plenty more I'm forgetting now. v0.1.9 Add basic Docky 2.0 Support Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: me.kritanta.homeplus_0.4.7-beta_iphoneos-arm.deb me.kritanta.homeplus_0.4.8-beta_iphoneos-arm.deb
  17. Description: Tinh chỉnh này sẽ hiển thị huy hiệu thông báo (badge) lên mặt trước của ứng dụng thay vì ở góc như bình thường. Make badges overlay on top of icons instead of being in the corner. v0.0.7 Add iOS 13 compatibility v0.0.6 Fix UI placement issues for iOS 12 v0.0.5 Fix incorrect alignment of badge number when the number increases/decreases Fix memory leak on preference change v0.0.4 Added option to change opacity of the black background v0.0.3 Made only icon badges be overlay instead of all badges (like 3D touch badges) v0.0.2 Added option to use black transparent background instead of badge color v0.0.1 Initial release Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: com.dgh0st.badgeoverlay_0.0.7_iphoneos-arm.deb
  18. Description: Một bộ theme mang phong cách 8 bit cổ điển Beta theme with 8bit icons (currently 82) Many icons are not well done (especially the Settings Icon is really “beautiful”), in fact it’s still on beta version. For icon request go here: htttps://forms.gle/CXBPbyq7RJsE5Kvb7 For icon adjustments here: https://forms.gle/1wscGzs3JUeGZA9W8 Depends : com.anemonetheming.anemone | com.spark.snowboard Download: 8bitOS_0.1~beta1.deb

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