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Found 3 results

  1. Description: Ringer13 là biểu tượng volume được lấy cảm hứng từ iOS 13 để mang trải nghiệm tới cho iOS 12. Ringer13 is an iOS 13 inspired Ringer HUD to bring the iOS 13 experience to iOS 12. This will allow you to enjoy your content on screen without a huge obtrusive HUD popping up, everytime you change your ringer status or ringer volume. Ringer13 features: a light and dark mode configurable from the settings or automatically with Dune a customizable delay before the banner slides out of the screen again an option to use a same banner styled volume HUD customizable height, padding, corner radius a Killswitch to easily enable or disable the tweak Supported languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish Contact me if you want to translate What's New v1.2.5 Added chinese localization v1.2.4 Fixed bug in Landscape apps when rotation lock is enabled v1.2.3 Added support for iOS 13 Download: Ringer13_1.2.5.deb
  2. Description: Tùy biến lại Trung tâm Kiểm soát của bạn Magma Evo là tinh chỉnh giúp bạn tùy chỉnh lại Trung tâm Kiểm soát (Control Center) của thiết bị như: thay đổi màu sắc các module, di chuyển vị trí... Đây được xem như là bản nâng cấp của Magma Pro, tương thích với cả iOS 13. Redefine your Control Center Magma Evo is a feature-packed customization tweak for your Control Center. From changing the color of every module over rearranging your Connectivity toggles to removing the dark container background around the modules - almost everything is possible! This is the official successor of Magma Pro, with a lot more features, bug fixes and increased user-friendliness. It supports all stock modules on iOS 12 and 13, along with all modules from both CCModules and PowerModule. Full feature list: Connectivity toggles Rearrange the stock order Change the enabled/disabled colors Glyph-only mode to remove the circular overlays around enabled toggles Launchers & Toggles Change the enabled/disabled colors Choose between three ways to display enabled toggles: stock, removed white background or colored background Media Controls Color title, artist, control buttons and the progress bar Option to color the widget on the lockscreen as well Sliders Color both the background and the icon separately Miscellaneous Color the background of the Control Center Align the Control Center to the bottom instead of the top Hide the Status Bar Color the Status Bar Overall Hide the dark container background around every module for a cleaner design Magma Evo also features an extensive preset feature that allows you to easily save your current setup, try different settings and change it back later. You can also import settings from other users easily and switch between them, or export one of your presets to share it with the world. Compatible with BetterCCXI. If you are using any version of Noctis, make sure to disable the "Dark CC" option. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 12.0), preferenceloader (>= 2.2.4~beta1), com.opa334.ccsupport, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: Magmaevo_1.0.0.deb
  3. Description: FlicksForAll brings key flicks/gestures from the iPad keyboard onto the iPhone - swipe down on a key to input a number or a special character. Supports iOS 13 swipe-to-type Customise the colour of the symbols Free and open-source Please let me know if there are issues with a particular keyboard; iOS 13 has over 4,000 different keyboard layouts and I'm unable to test them all with this tweak. Some layouts (such as Arabic) have more keys on the main board than on the numbers board. These will currently not have flicks, but a later update will allow you to customise them in Settings. Source code on GitHub: Treeki/FlicksForAll What's New v0.0.5 Added setting to make symbols smaller Fixed weird overlay issues on light keyboard with key previews off Improved animations (not perfect, but better looking than previous versions) v0.0.4 Fix Cyrillic and Arabic keyboards v0.0.3 Add Settings page with colour choices for symbols v0.0.2 Add support for iOS 13 swipe-to-type v0.0.1 Initial release Depends : firmware (>=12.0), mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.13) Download: org.wuffs.flickplus_0.0.5.deb

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