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Found 31 results

  1. Description: Tinh chỉnh thời gian màn hình khóa đẹp và hiện đại hơn cho thiết bị của bạn. Inspired by the watchOS Motion face, Jellyfish aims to make your Lock screen more modern, more beautiful, and more useful. Jellyfish refreshes the Lock screen with a beautiful new design, emphasizing both the time and date. The date takes its colour from your wallpaper, creating a beautiful blended effect, while still retaining its legibility. Jellyfish also adds weather to your Lock screen, so you can always view it at a quick glance. While adding this new level of information, your Lock screen retains its simplicity, avoiding a cluttered look. Jellyfish is customizable, so you can fit it to your setup with ease. Change the orientation, font weight, font size, override the colour, and even the date format. It can also integrate with Music colouring tweaks, such as ColorFlow and Artsy. What's New v1.5 This update adds some commonly requested customization options: A new setting to control weather visibility. Deeper advanced customization options. In addition, we've made some other improvements we think you're going to like, including: A reorganization of settings. We've completely rewritten how weather is handled, to fix issues some users on iOS 13 were having. Fixed some default settings being incorrect after installing. Fixed some visual inconsistencies found in some setups. Depends : mobilesubstrate, co.dynastic.ios.lib.flora, dev.ayden.ios.lib.sys.aurora (>= 1.0.2), firmware (>= 11.0) Conflicts : applebetas.ios.tweak.time11,com.junesiphone.lockpluspro,com.adriandev.jellyfishcustom,com.bengiannis.manta,hi.my.name.is.ubik.kalm Compatibility : iOS 11+ Download: JellyFish_1.5.deb
  2. Description Supports iOS 11, 12 and 13 Tinh chỉnh giúp tự động trả lời cuộc gọi, Facetime hoặc bất kỳ trình gọi điện thoại nào cho thiết bị của bạn. $1.97 Auto-Answer Phone, FaceTime and any CallKit calls Set your phone to automatically answer to specific number, FaceTime calls and all other CallKit apps (Viber, Skype, WhatsApp etc). It can be used for unattended videoConference, baby monitoring, answering when driving and even have it switch automatically to speaker or bluetooth. AutoAnswer X lets you choose numbers that you wish to auto-pickup and your phone will automatically answer the incoming call from those numbers, either instantly or after the amount of seconds you specify. -Specify unlimited numbers. -Auto-answer private number. -Specify numbers to auto-answer only when driving. -Specify call types per number (Telephony,Facetime Audio or Video,other CallKit apps). -Specify whether to turn on speaker upon answering a call. -Specify whether to automatically connect to bluetooth headset upon answering a call. -Control device's camera remotely (on a FaceTime Video call). -Hide/silence incoming call UI (for e.g. baby monitoring or receiving calls while in a business meeting). -All settings can be assigned either globally or per number. -AutoAnswer X can be used for: - Baby-watching over FaceTime - Auto-answering specific numbers while driving - Auto-answering while using your phone with a bluetooth headset - Instant response to specific calls - Unattended video conference (by leaving an iPhone in your place and call it via FaceTime, keeping a constant connection). Take control over your phone and save time by handling incoming calls at your benefit! Compatible with all iOS 11-capable devices What's New v0.2-17 Fixed a crash issue that could occur upon installation. v0.2-5 Added iOS 13 support. v0.1-25 Added iOS 12 and A12 devices support. v0.1-6 Fixes an issue where relaunching mediaserverd too soon could cause an infinite spin when re-jailbreaking. v0.1-3 Fixed a memory leak issue Fixed activation issues Fixed SpringBoard random freeze v0.1-1 Initial Release Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>= 11.0) Download: AutoAnswerX_0.2-17.deb
  3. Description: CCModules Pro thêm nhiều tính năng hữu ích vào Trung tâm Kiểm soát cho thiết bị của bạn. CCModules Pro is a tweak that adds useful features to the control center, with more on the way soon. Currently included with v1.1.0: • Cellular Data expandable view | What Apple should have done • WiFi expandable view | iOS 13 design • Bluetooth expandable view | iOS 13 design • Hotspot button gesture | Open hotspot settings • Power Actions module | Native design • Contact modules | Four contact modules are included • Music module gesture | Double tap to open the now playing app • Volume module gesture | Double tap to mute volume, and again to restore original volume Upcoming features: • Terminal module (next up) • Volume and brightness with steps • Website links module • ??? Note: CCModules Pro does not replace the original CCModules, they are meant to work side-by-side. What's New v1.1.1 Added iPad support Reworked sizing of WiFi and Bluetooth views Fixed iOS 13.3 issue of modules hidden while locked v1.1.0 Initial iOS 13 support Removed Cephei dependency Added music module shortcut to launch now playing app Added volume module shortcut to mute volume Added hotspot button gesture to launch hotspot settings Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader, com.opa334.ccsupport (>= 1.2.1) Download: CCModulesPro_1.1.1.deb
  4. Description: Chặn mọi cuộc gọi phiền phức & và những cuộc gọi tự động cho bạn! Block annoying Callers & RoboCallers! With CallBlocker you can: (New) Silence Unknown Callers -> Block all calls where the number is not stored in your address book! (New) Whitelist specific numbers or all contacts in your address book! (New) Toggle Call Blocking on the fly with a CC Toggle! (Requires CC Support Installed) (New) Now you can add any amount of numbers you want by using the Add Number... button in tweak settings! To delete a number from the blocked list, just swipe left on the cell! Block Unknown Callers & Unknown Numbers Block specific numbers Block numbers that begin with a specific number. For E.g -> If you receive calls from a specific area/country code & you want to block all calls from that location, just enter the starting few numbers i.e. 91 will block all calls from India, 33 will block all calls from France. Use this option with Caution! You can decline calls Silently i.e. you won't receive a missed call notification. You will still see a declined called in your call Log! Usage Instructions : You need to enter the number with the country code, but without the + symbol at the beginning. For E.g, +18004901234 -> 18004901234 What's New v2.0.3 Fixed Silence Unknown Callers option not working v2.0.2 Fixed unknown numbers not getting blocked v2.0.1 Added toggle to whitelist all saved contacts v2.0 Added Whitelist number preferences Added CC Toggle to Enable/Disable Call Blocking (Requires CCSupport) v1.4 Added iOS13 feature of 'Silence Unknown Callers' -> This feature will block all numbers which are not in your contact list! Fixed a Bug that would cause the call UI to show up or the screen to wake up for a split second when declining the call v1.3 Removed the 10 number restriction for blocking numbers. Add any amount of numbers to block from the tweak settings now. Start Blocking! Added Swipe to delete in preferences to remove a number from the block list v1.2 Added A12 Support (arm64e) Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader Download: Callblocker_2.0.3.deb
  5. Description: A-Shields giúp bảo vệ thiết bị của bạn, Cho phép bạn khóa các kết nối trong Trung tâm kiểm soát hoặc khóa các ứng dụng của bạn lại. Và khi bạn kết nối với một mạng wifi đặc biệt, bạn có thể tắt sự bảo vệ này. A-Shields helps protect your device. A-Shields allow you to lock the Connectivity Modules in the Control Center or lock your apps. And you're connected to a specific WiFi network, you can turn off protection. Source code What's New Version 1.2.1 Thanks for using A-Shields! Add "Customize" Feature (£1) Version 1.2.2 Thanks for using A-Shields! Fix folder name bug Depends : mobilesubstrate, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker (>=1.6.7) Download: com.rpgfarm.a-shields.deb

    half v1.0.1

    Description: Phong cách hiển thị chỉ số Pin mới cho iOS 11-13 New iOS Battery Indicator Style for iOS 11~13 Description half brings a beautiful iOS Battery Indicator concept to your iOS devices. It is not just images with battery percent. Supported Versions iOS 11 ~ iOS 13 Supported Devices iOS 11: iPhone X iOS 12: iPhone X iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone XS Max And All iPads iOS 13: ALL DEVICES! If your device is not supported, you can still use the tweak with iPhone X-style status bar enabler such as HomeGesture or LittleX. There is no plan to support non-notched devices on iOS 12 and below. Troubleshooting Respring Re-installing Re-jailbreaking If these things doesn't fix your problem, please make an issue at here. Donation If you enjoy my tweaks and want to buy me an ice cream, please donate at here. Follow me on Twitter Follow Ayden Leppert on Twitter What's New v1.0.1 Adds support RTL Hide iOS default percentage everytime Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: half_1.0.1.deb
  7. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 FloatyDock - Tinh chỉnh mang thanh dock của iPad tới cho thiết bị của bạn! FloatyDock bring the iPad dock to all devices ! This also mean that you'll be able to use the Slide Over / Split View features on iPhone. Special feature compared to the stock iPad dock : it allow you to specify the max number of regular icons you want in it, but also the suggested ones and soon the recent ones. You can also specify to not show the dock above keyboard and remove it from the app switcher ! Follow me on Twitter for news about this or other apps ? Enjoy ! What's New v2.0.6 - Fixed crash on iPhone X style device when both Slide Over and « Slide Over And Split View » were enabled at the same time - Fixed being unable to exit a landscape app (e.g : games) - To show the dock in landscape apps : slide up a first time on the home bar and then slide from the real bottom of your device (where the home bar is usually). This is to prevent any kind of conflict v2.0.5 - Fixed dock appearing with a slide from the side of the screen - On X style devices (that have gesture enabled) you can show the dock in apps with a slide from bottom left / right gesture. The slide from Home Indicator gesture will work as usual - Fixed unlock being harder to do - Fixed dock being harder to trigger in apps (bug introduced in 2.0.2) - Fixed dock staying on screen on non X devices on iOS 13 - Fixed crash due to activating Slide Over and Split View on iPhone X style devices - Removed unused code - Improved some hooks v2.0.2 - Fixed dock being randomly dismissed on the home screen - Fixed some iOS 12 bugs / crashes - Added back custom dock tint color - Various optimizations v2.0.1: - Fixed crash on iOS 11 and 12 due to missing method - Fixed crash on iOS 13 due to IconSupport - Fixed folder layout becoming weird after installation - Fixed crash caused by disabling suggested apps - Limited recent and suggested apps count to 3 on iOS 13 to avoid UI glitches (for now) FloatyDock is now fully compatible with iOS 13 and come with great improvements ! - iPhone X style devices can now use Slide Over / Split View ! - You can now hide the dock in the switcher on iOS 12+ - Fixed app that are forced to rotate (such as games) by allowing you to blacklist apps that you don't want to be Slide Over / Split View compatible ! - Fixed crash caused by setting a custom dock tint color (deactivated for now until an iOS 13 compatible libcolorpicker version is released) - Fixed activating / deactivating suggested and recent apps on iOS 13 - Fixed setting custom dock icons count on iOS 13 - Improved settings handling - Some options (such as "Dock above keyboard") doesn't require a respring anymore Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader, com.chpwn.iconsupport, com.muirey03.iconsupportfix | firmware (<< 13.0) Download: floatydock_2.0.6.deb
  8. Description: Kể từ iOS 7, Khung âm lượng đã khá lớn, nó che hết một phần màn hình khi hiển thị, yêu cầu bạn sử dụng nhiều nút để điều chỉnh nhanh, và khá lâu thì mới ẩn đi, nó là một trong những phần phổ biển nhất nhưng lại gây phiền toái nhất của hệ điều hành iOS. Nhưng đối với Ultrasound, những điều phiền toái đó đã không còn, nó thay đổi gần như mọi khía cạnh của việc điều chỉnh âm lượng, mời các bạn khám phá. Since iOS 7, the volume HUD has been abysmal. Blocking a large portion of the screen when shown, requiring you to use the buttons to quickly adjust, and taking a long time to dismiss, it is one of the most common but worst thought-out parts of the operating system. But not with Ultrasound. Changing almost every aspect of the volume HUD, Ultrasound is the upgrade that you deserve. Looks as great as it sounds. By opting for a beautiful dark and blurred design that is perfectly aligned to the physical hardware buttons on your device, changing your volume is now a pleasant experience. Its live-updating volume icon and percentage give you more information at a quick glance. Its compact design combined with quick and fluid animations ensure that it takes up minimal space on your device's screen, while still looking gorgeous. With multiple themes and styles, customize Ultrasound to your perfectly match your setup. Bells and whistles you didn't know you needed. Ultrasound is more than just a fresh coat of paint for the volume HUD. It also makes it more useful than ever. You can now quickly adjust the volume on-screen using the slider, conveniently placed next to the volume buttons. And if you need to quickly hide the volume HUD, you can simply swipe it off the screen. Want to adjust the ringer volume instead? Tap on the speaker icon and watch it turn into a bell. Designed for iPhone X and the future. For the first time ever, the volume HUD is optimized for iPhone X and newer. Ultrasound allows you to see the volume level and percentage at a glance, as you adjust it while the screen is off. It seamlessly animates in and out of OLED Mode as you wake your device, and combined with OLED's true black pixels, it looks amazing. What's New Version 1.2.10 Thanks for using Ultrasound! I've been working hard to make the experience even better. Ultrasound now supports iOS 13! Better animations for OLED mode. Bug fixes and improvements for all iOS versions. Version 1.2.9 Thanks for purchasing Ultrasound! I've been working hard to make the experience even better. Ultrasound is now free and open source! Bought it recently? Information about refunds for recent purchases here. Fix a crash experienced in OLED Mode on certain devices under heavy load. Version 1.2.8 Thanks for purchasing Ultrasound! I've been working hard to make the experience even better. You can now choose between two volume HUD looks, Iconic and Refined, in addition to the three colour themes. Perfected each of the themes to work better on more backgrounds. Improves how Ultrasound responds when you rotate your device. Refined Haptic Feedback introduced on earlier versions. Face ID will no longer scan while in OLED Mode. Now compatible with iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the 2018 iPad Pro. Other various bug fixes and improvements. adds full support for A12 devices. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader Conflicts : com.ruler225.videohud, com.spark.melior, net.midkin.smartvolumecontrol2, es.ubikstyl.sonus12, me.nepeta.brokenhud, me.nepeta.flashyhud Download: Ultrasound_1.2.10.deb
  9. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 Requires CCSupport CCModules là một tinh chỉnh bổ sung các module ứng dụng và module tiện ích của bên thứ 3 vào Trung tâm Kiểm soát (Control Center) của thiết bị IOS. CCModules is a tweak that adds third party app modules and utility modules to the iOS control center. More control center modules for iOS 11/12/13. The modules support 3D Touch quick actions. There are 100+ modules. Note that the modules will only display if you have the app. Donate To Developer What's New v1.5-1: Fix for Tiny Volume and Silent Mode modules causing issues. v1.5: Full iOS 13 support, added Books and Shortcuts modules, and minor bug fixes. Depends : mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), firmware (>= 11.0), com.opa334.ccsupport Download: ccmodules_1.5-1.deb
  10. Description: AnimationsBeFastPlus là phiên bản cập nhật và thêm nhiều tính năng hơn của tweak AnimationsBeFast! Có tính năng tăng tốc các hiệu ứng chuyển động cho thiết bị của bạn. AnimationsBeFastPlus is the up to date and more feature packed version of the original AnimationsBeFast! Features Complete customization of animations. Duration,velocity,stiffness,mass and damping for all apps! Springboard animation customization App open and close animations. Screen wake and off speed. Folder animation speed. Coversheet unlock. Many other animation customization options! Refunds will ONLY be accepted if requested before 12 hours after purchase! What's New v4.0 Fixed a few conflicting tweaks for some devices. v3.3 Fixed apply button missing in preferences Fixed Show passcode instantly. Added disable charging animation on LS Depends : firmware (>=11.0), mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, applist Conflicts : com.adamseiter.animationsbefast,com.pulandres.animationsbefastpluss, jp.novi.FakeClockUp, jp.novi.FakeClockUp2, com.zezblog.noslowanimationsar, com.marcosinghof.noslowanimations, com.pknauf.nsa, com.idevicehacked.nsa Download: Animationsbefastplus_4.0.deb
  11. Description Supports iOS 11, 12 and 13 Hệ thống Voicemails cho thiết bị của bạn! Receive voicemails on device! As seen in 9to5mac, iDownloadBlog, Redmond Pie "Even if you aren't into jailbreaking, you have to admit that this is an impressive tweak" @JeffBenjam, 9to5mac "In what could be one of the world's coolest jailbreak tweaks for the Phone functionality of your iPhone, AnsweringMachine gives you the voicemail experience you never had in iOS." @BouchardAnthony, iDownloadBlog "A prime example of what makes jailbreak tweaks so awesome." Redmond Pie Don't call your provider any more for missed or declined calls! AnsweringMachine handles your voicemail, bringing tons of first-seen features! Voice Recognition, DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands, Speech Synthesizer, Call-Screening and Real-Time Interaction are just a few of the features you get! This brand-new tweak uses all currently available technologies (and not only) to bring you the Ultimate AnsweringMachine on your phone: - NEW! AnsweringMachine XS works for all CallKit-compatible apps, including Telephony calls, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype etc. - Voice Recognition of the recorded voicemails brings you text version of the recorded voicemail in real time! In all iOS available dictation languages! - Native Notifications of newly recorded voicemails upon completion. - Record your own greeting or use system's voice like Siri to dynamically greet your callers using their name from your contacts automatically, with spoken text that you specify! You can even skip recording any greetings! - Assign dynamic greetings for everyone or per contact independently! Either recorded or with System's Voice! - Call-Screening. Listen to what the remote party is saying while leaving voicemail without answering the call! - Pick up the call if you wish while they are leaving you a voicemail and talk to them, or let them continue leaving you the voicemail without knowing you are around! - Call UI is suppressed while they are leaving a voicemail so you can continue what you were doing. You can still pick up the call or decline it if you wish at any time! - DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands allow you to call your phone remotely and listen to your messages, mark them as heard or delete your messages! With localisable menu voice in your own language! - Advanced DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands allow you to perform actions on your phone remotely! You can request it to send you its location to the number you're calling from, even if WiFi or Location Services are disabled! Life saver if you've lost it and it has no internet access! - Remote access using DTMF is passcode protected! - Redirect all calls to AnsweringMachine when "Do Not Disturb" is enabled. Optional. - Telephony and FaceTime Audio calls are handled! - All options customisable in Settings. This tweak will show off what your iPhone can do when it comes to audio, speech and voicemail handling! Already compatible with AudioRecorder 2 and CallBar X. Enjoy! Limitations: - DTMF (Touch-Tone) commands might not work over LTE Voice/4G Voice and Data, since some providers are blocking their audio signals and use RTP messages. Switch off LTE Voice or 4G Voice and Data in Cellular settings. - This tweak will not record voicemails when the phone is turned off or offline, obviously! - Supports all iOS 11/12-capable devices! What's New v1.2-6 - Added iOS 13 support. - Fixed Remote Commands not working on iOS 12. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, net.limneos.libbulletin (>=0.1-80), firmware (>= 11.0) Conflicts : net.limneos.audiorecorder (<= 1.7-4) Download: Answeringmachinex_1.2-6.deb
  12. Description Supports iOS 11 through 13 Mang giao diện màn hình khóa từ iOS 6 tới cho thiết bị của bạn. Six (LS) brings the classic look of iOS 6 to your lock screen. Currently features: slide to unlock, notifications, charging view, sounds, and more! Six (LS) is open source on GitHub. Feel free to contribute or report issues to make it even better! What's new? Version 1.0.5 iOS 13 support. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>= 11.0) Download: xyz.skitty.sixls_1.0.5-2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. Description: Supports iOS 11,12,13+ Supports arm64 and arm64e! AnimationsBeFastPlus is the up to date and more feature packed version of the original AnimationsBeFast! Features Complete customization of animations. Duration,velocity,stiffness,mass and damping for all apps! Springboard animation customization App open and close animations. Screen wake and off speed. Folder animation speed. Coversheet unlock. Many other animation customization options! Refunds will ONLY be accepted if requested before 12 hours after purchase! What's New v3.1 Optimized IOS 13 support Added some presets Removed redundent animation option. (Now duration) Fixed a few random bugs Depends : firmware (>=11.0), mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, applist Conflicts : com.adamseiter.animationsbefast, jp.novi.FakeClockUp, jp.novi.FakeClockUp2, com.zezblog.noslowanimationsar, com.marcosinghof.noslowanimations, com.pknauf.nsa, com.idevicehacked.nsa Download: Animationsbefastplus_3.1.deb
  14. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 TimeToUnlock - Sử dụng thời gian hiện tại làm mật khẩu mở máy. Có nhiều tính năng cho các bạn tự mình khám phá Use current time as a passcode. Differently from concurrence, this tweak offers a lot of features, including: - Ability to use real passcode along with the fake passcode simultaneously - Ability to shift the time by a specific number of minutes - Ability to always show the time on status bar, even while locked! - Ability to reverse the resulting passcode combination And for users who chose a 6-digit passcode, you can append any 2 digits to the resulting combination, by default: 00. Configure options from Settings None of the settings requires a respring to take effect! Source code available on Github What's New v1.0.8 Added arm64e support Depends : firmware (>= 10.0), mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), preferenceloader Download: timetounlock_1.0.8.deb
  15. Description: Tinh chỉnh này giúp bạn đem những widget tiện ích bạn thích lên ra ngay trang chính của màn hình khóa trên thiết bị của bạn. The widgets feature on iOS is something we all take for granted, easy access to information from apps we all use day to day, on one swipe to the left on our home or lock screen. What if you could see those widgets, in one simple glance without the need to swipe? Introducing LockWidgets, by ConorTheDev and EvenDev LockWidgets is a free tweak that allows you to place any number of widgets from any application on your lock screen, meaning you no longer have to swipe across to see them bunched in with other widgets. When you select more than one widget, it displays in a Collection View which you can set to either scroll horizontally or vertically. Widgets from any application are supported, they can be stock iOS widgets or third party widgets, widgets will also respect the lock state of the device as they do normally on the widgets page! LockWidgets is open source, if you wish to view the code you can check it out on GitHub If you want support or you wish to join the beta program, please join my Discord Server The icon for LockWidgets was kindly designed by Ahmed Bousrih What's New v1.2.0 Widget View Changes: New widget scrolling system Fix the widget width on iOS 12 / iPads Vertical scroll option Extensions support Notepad support (will be implemented in the next update of Notepad by Blake Boxberger) Preferences changes: Add icons in preferences on iOS 12 Fix low resolution application icons Use LockWidgets icon for any app that doesn't have an icon Add a little 'Christmas Surprise'... If you are a developer interested in the Extensions API, you can read the documentation for it here! v1.1.1 Fix safemode when upgrading from a previous version Fix iOS 12 preferences crash when trying to toggle different widgets Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.14), com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap (>= 1.0.2), firmware (>= 11.0) Download: me.conorthedev.lockwidgets_1.2.0.deb
  16. Description: Công cụ giúp chụp hình làm mờ nền (Portrait mode) cho các thiết bị có một camera. Single camera portrait mode REQUIRES IPHONE 6S AND ABOVE (6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, SE, X, XR, XS, XS Max) Object portrait mode is limited and experimental (works best on human pictures) Does not support real time blur previews PortraitXI is a unique tweak which allows you take real portrait mode pictures on a single camera device. Generally native portrait mode requires dual camera devices with the exception of iPhone XR. With this tweak, you can now get real portrait mode photos on your old device. This opens a number of possibilities like: Edit portrait mode photos with apps like Focos with single camera phones Change portrait lighting for the taken picture Edit the portrait adjustments on mac Photos app via airdrop The main focus of the tweak is to produce human portrait pictures in a single shutter press. This happens in a fully automatic manner and no manual tweaking is required. The tweak also smartly analyses the photo and perform automatic corrections to get an image with better colors. While PortraitXI was designed for human portrait shots, it can also take objects/pets pictures. But without the dual camera hardware setup, the effect on objects will not be so good. It will work best on big objects with regular geometric shapes and having far with contrasting backgrounds. For example, taking pictures of flowers will be not any good. For tips on how to get good shots, check the tips section below. After installing, there will be a PortraitXI button besides switch camera button in camera app. Tap on it to make it selected, and then take a picture normally and the effect will be applied. For a preview, checkout these youtube videos: What's New v1.0.5 Added an option to turn off auto enhance images Set live mode on when portraitxi button is deactivated v1.0.4 Added missing exif information Fixed exif displaying incorrect phone model Prevent live photos to be turned on when shooting portraits Added an option to save higher resolution pictures (up to 2500px) Improved face detection (fixed certain scenarios where head was being blurred) Added missing GPS/Location information v1.0.3 Fix camera app crashing on start Fixed portrait mode freeze when using timer PortraitXI now support stock camera filters v1.0.1 Fixed portrait mode being applied only on first image Fixed incorrect date on photos Show PortraitXI toggle only in photos menu Disable live photos when taking portrait pictures Fixed incorrect button position when rotating camera Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.foxfort.foxforttools (>= 1.0.10), com.foxfort.libfoxfortutils (>= 1.0.12), org.swift.libswift (>= 5.0) Download: portraitxi64_1.0.5.deb
  17. Description: Rainbow - Tinh chỉnh cho phép bạn tùy chỉnh màu sắc toàn hệ thống của thiết bị. Take control of your system's tint color with Rainbow. By default, nearly everything on iOS is the same shade of blue. Buttons, tab bars, and even iMessage bubbles all have the exact same tint, as do so many more UI elements you use every day. Whether you'd like black message bubbles, or you want to change the Music app's tint color to a less jarring shade of orange, Rainbow is for you. More options and features coming in future updates! I'd also like to give a shoutout to Ayden Panhuyzen, as he helped me build this tweak! What's New Version 1.0.7 iOS 13 support, including Dark Mode support Version 1.0.4 Adds a compatibility toggle for users experiencing tweak conflicts between Rainbow and some other tweaks (including Noctis12), causing message bubbles to retain the stock blue color. Note: This setting must be turned on for it to take effect, as it is off by default. If you use Noctis12, or just notice that message bubbles are not being colored, please enable Direct Coloring in the Rainbow settings Version 1.0.3 iOS 11 support Version 1.0.2 The Messages app is now colored in a different way, which fixes a couple element miscolor bugs, including the bug that caused newly sent messages to be the wrong color Only iMessage bubbles are colored now, due to the confusion that was caused from SMS and iMessage bubbles both being the same color Version 1.0.1 Fixes bug that caused settings to not save before a attempting to apply them Tints send button in Messages app for iMessages (SMS send button is still green to minimize confusion) Depends : mobilesubstrate,preferenceloader,ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11),firmware (>= 11.0) Download: Rainbow_1.0.7.deb
  18. Description: Tinh chỉnh này cho phép bạn chơi nhạc trong khi quay màn hình thiết bị. Đây là phiên bản miễn phí thay thế cho RecordMusic Plus. A FREE alternative for RecordMusic Plus. A simple tweak that allows users to play music while screenrecording. Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11) Download: com.codeymoore.recordnplay_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  19. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 Như tên gọi, tinh chỉnh này cho phép bạn chọn một đoạn video nào đó làm nền khi thực hiện cuộc gọi hay khi có cuộc gọi đến. Introducing VCaller Screen, a tweak helps you set the video as the background of incoming or outgoing calls. Previously you may have known LiveRinging also has the same function but it does not support iOS 11 or iOS 12. VCaller Screen supports all devices including A12 (X) chip machines. Configure options from Settings. What's New - iOS 13 Supported Depends : mobilesubstrate(>= 0.9.5015), firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11), com.muirey03.libimagepicker Download: vcallers_3.2.deb
  20. Description: Tinh chỉnh giúp bỏ nền mờ khi nhập mật mã ở màn hình khóa và một số tính năng nữa cho bạn khám phá. A new clean look for your passcode screen. This tweak lets you: remove the background blur while entering your code. hide the cancel button. hide the emergency button. Use custom text for "Touch ID or Enter Passcode" Use custom text for "Swipe up to unlock" hide the circles on the passcode screen. move the Cancel / Emergency button to the center clear the Passcode buttons remove Passcode button letters For now you will need to add Revulate's Repo to your repos, because the public version of libpackageinfo on bigboss is not compatible with iOS 13 Feel free to follow me on Twitter and report bugs if you find some. Or buy me a Coffee NOTE: remove the background blur while entering your code does not work on iOS 11 supports A12 What's New v0.0.8 Removed dependencies due to Cephei being updated small rewrites and performance improvements code cleanup v0.0.7 rewrite of stupid code (centralising of buttons now works with languages other than English) v0.0.6 Hide notifications during unlock Hide music player during unlock Hide passcode letters Use custom text for "Swipe up to unlock" Use custom text for "Touch ID or Enter Passcode" Reorganized preferences v0.0.5 Added iOS 13 support SUPER SECRET! Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common, com.spark.libpackageinfo Download: TransLock_0.0.8.deb
  21. Description Tinh chỉnh cho phép bạn bật/tắt chế độ im lặng ngay trong Trung tâm Điều khiển (control center) You can turn on / off Silent Mode from the control center. Configure from Control Center in settings Depends : com.opa334.ccsupport Download: com.ichitaso.ringertoggle_0.1-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  22. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 Tinh chỉnh này cho phép người dùng tùy chỉnh từng ứng dụng được quyền sử dụng dữ liệu di động hoặc wifi. Allow Users to Customize the App of Cellular Data WiFi Networking Privileges Can be Used to Fix the Problem that Cydia or other Apps Can't Connect to the Internet After the Jailbreak of mobile phones in mainland China Configure options from settings. What's New Fully Support iOS13 A12 Add an App in SpringBoard,Now Your Can Control Your NetWork Whether Settings or SpringBoard Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 10.0), preferenceloader Download: netcontrol_1.0.1-6.deb
  23. Description Tinh chỉnh này sẽ thêm một số module tính năng vào Trung tâm điều khiển (Control Center) như: Power off, Reboot, Respring, Safe Mode... Thông tin RAM, địa chỉ IP Wifi... và một số tính năng khác các bạn tự khám phá nhé Power off / Reboot / ldrestart / safe mode / Respring / uicache / Lock are carried out in ControlCenter, Power off menu and Apps. Wi-Fi IP, Global IP, uptime, RAM information can be displayed in the ControlCenter's information section. Configure options from Settings app. Changes Logs v1.2.2 PowerSlider Support for iOS 13 v1.2.1 Add: sbreload option Add: option to show uptime on CC (Off by default) Support for landscape screen on iPhone in Applications. v1.2.0 Add: dark mode in application (It does not work unless tweak is enabled) Add: share menu Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.opa334.ccsupport Conflicts : com.ichitaso.powerselector, com.dpkgdan.powertap, com.weesstt.powerdownoptions, com.subdiox.powertap2, com.rustybalboa.powertapxi Replaces : com.ichitaso.powerselector11 Download: com.ichitaso.powerselector11_1.2.2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  24. Description: Basic utilities required by all of Foxfort tweak Depends : firmware (>= 7.0), com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap (>= 1.0.3) Conflicts : cydia.kiiimo.org.littlex, com.hackyouriphone.littlex, com.yourepo.mohadu31.littlex, com.arab-cydia.littlex, co.xrepo.appletweakjailbreak.libfoxfortutils, co.xrepo.appletweakjailbreak.libfoxfortutils64, org.cydia.kiiimo.libfoxfortutils64, org.cydia.kiiimo.libfoxfortutils64e, com.hackyouriphone.libfoxfortutils64, com.hackyouriphone.libfoxfortutils64e, com.yourepo.mohadu31.libfoxfortutils64, me.pulandres.libfoxfortutils64, me.pulandres.libfoxfortutils64e, net.kenhtao.libfoxfortutils64, sileoturkiye.libfoxfortutils64, sileoturkiye.libfoxfortutils64e Download: libfoxfortutils_1.0.11.deb
  25. Description Compatible with iOS 11,12 and 13, for iPhone X/Fluidy/FluidEnabler/LittleX. Dễ dàng mở trung tâm điều khiển (control center) trên iPhone X bằng cách trượt từ dưới lên ở bên trái hoặc bên phải màn hình. Easier access to your ControlCenter on iPhone X. You can swipe up from the bottom-left/bottom-right of the screen to call the ControlCenter. More features can be added. Configure options from Settings. What's New Added support for iOS 13. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader Priority : optional Download: bottomcontrolx_1.3.0.deb

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