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Found 15 results

  1. Download: dubsIS2buuf15 SBHTML deadpool.zip
  2. Description: Dubs Kuro SB (Only iPhone X) - Một bộ SB khá đẹp của Dubailive (chỉ dành cho iPhone X trở xuống) Download: Dubs Kuro SBHTML-U7-X.theme.zip
  3. Descriptions: Một bộ SB khá đẹp kết cấu phù hợp với các theme tối màu hiện đại dạng Tech của Shefumaster Download: SB32 Dark Neumorphism R.zip
  4. Download: SB33 BWL Leather Neumorphism R.zip
  5. Description: Chia sẻ cho các bạn một bộ SB khá đẹp do bạn Atarashi chia sẻ Download: - iPhone PLUS: Widget-Ats-MS-B.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb - iPhone X: Widget-Ats-MS-B-X.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb - iPhone Xs Max, Pro Max: Widget-Ats-MS-B-XPM.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb
  6. Download: SB.DaDa.27 RS mod.rar
  7. Description: Thêm một bộ SB của Atarashi chia sẻ, phù hợp với các theme dạng tech tối màu Download: Dòng iPhone Plus: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-iplus.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb Dòng iPhone X: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-iX.V1_1._iphoneos-arm.deb iPhone 11-Pro Max: Widget-Ats-NXe-Gr-i11-ProMax.zip
  8. Description: Một bộ SB đi kèm với theme Boss khá đẹp dành cho các bạn. Yêu cầu cài Widget Weather để hiển thị thông tin thời tiết, ram, pin... Download: SB UniAW7.1 Boss (MiiLadyb3rry)
  9. Description: Một bộ LS & HS được Việt hóa bởi Mỹ Korg khá hay và đẹp Download: Tombik.zip
  10. Description: The newest update of the timeless Universal Animated Weather. Now with 4 style sheets to start modding from - 2 for LockScreen (including Ian's Original) and 2 for Springboard using the 1/3rd size animation window Download: com.yourepo.newd.uniaw2018base_4.1.5.deb
  11. Description: ORIENT EXPRESS Take your seat on the most elegant train in history, place your things on the wooden shelves, look through the train car's ornate window and enjoy watching beautiful landscapes in different weather conditions. Legend Widget Creator, Morkino, from MMi fame, teams up with NewD for this newest widget and presents: Questions? Visit NewD’s Discord server: https://discord.gg/xSt5mCe Download: com.yourepo.newd.uniaw2020orientexpress_1.0.deb
  12. Description: FrontPage - Tinh chỉnh giúp bạn tùy chỉnh giao diện cho màn hình chính của thiết bị. FrontPage loads custom springboard themes that totally change the look and feel of your device. Think of it like DreamBoard. To apply go to settings and view the instructions listed. Easy Setup: Enable FrontPage Select Top Hide Dock Hide Icons Hide Page Dots Respring When on the springboard swipe down from the middle with 2 fingers Need to know: Setup weather by setting location services on, and setting weather to always You can add your city to the first two weather app cities to insure weather works Disable Iconoclasm (if installed) for icons to hide. On any firmware below iOS 11 you MUST have Reduce Motion enabled in Settings/General/Accessiblity other wise FrontPage will disappear when an app is opened. Themes can be downloaded from the FrontPage section on my repo. Simple is the base theme included in FrontPage to change dock icons tap and hold the icon you wish to change, then select from the drawer. You can use two finger swipe down to access FrontPage menu. Choose SpringBoard in the theme menu to return to a stock layout. Do not disable from settings. What's New Version:1.5 · Fix alarm issue on iOS13 Version:1.4.9 · Fix badge updating · Fix blank icon on install Version:1.4.8 · Weather update for iOS13 Version:1.4.7 · iOS13 support Version:1.4.6 · Fixed input bug · Darker background in icon picker Version:1.4.4 · Added backend code to open today view Version:1.4.3 · Added arm64e support Version:1.4.2 · Fixed open Switcher command Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: com.junesiphone.frontpage_1.5.deb
  13. Description: Thêm một bộ SB nữa cũng khá đẹp cho mọi người ? Download: SB_Blur_Trans V3.zip
  14. Description: Tinh chỉnh giúp đặt trang mặc định khi vào màn hình chính. Đồng thời đặt trang mặc định cho ứng dụng tải về. Và nhiều tính năng khác nữa cấu hình trong Cài đặt (Settings) Set the default homescreen page to go to on home button click. Also set the default page to download new applications on. There are many other side features that can be configured in settings. What's New v0.0.21 Add iOS 13 compatibility v0.0.20 Fix home button tap not exiting wiggle mode v0.0.19 Rewrite preferences so it is cached now (making it less resource intensive) Fix crashes on downloading new icons for iOS 11+ with default download page option enabled Double make sure the page selected is opened after respring (cause why not?) v0.0.18 Fix for wrong page being displayed after respring on newer iOS thanks to NoisyFlake v0.0.17 Made it so that selected default page is displayed after respring v0.0.16 Fix spotlight as default page on iOS 11 Fix folder paging on iOS 11 Fix default download page on iOS 11 Depends : mobilesubstrate, applist, preferenceloader Download: com.dgh0st.defaultpage_0.0.21_iphoneos-arm.deb
  15. Description: Bộ Homescreen Âm lịch rất chất cho các bạn ;) Yêu cầu Xen HTML để áp dụng, XenInfo để hiện thông tin thời tiết, pin... Download: SB-Sak-Gr V1.zip

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