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  1. Description: Thiết kế lại Control Center (Trung tâm Kiểm soát) của bạn A feature-rich control center for iOS. Features: Modules: Prysm includes several modules that can be removed and reordered from the settings page. Available modules include: Connectivity toggles. Brightness and Audio sliders. Quick access toggles. Media widget. Weather conditions. The quick access toggle module responds to your existing control center configuration. It supports all small toggle modules. Any modules not placed in the quick access module can be found by swiping up on the Prysm control center. Haptic Touch: Most Prysm modules support Haptic Touch. Simply long-press on an element to reveal the expanded content. Haptic Touch is also supported on most toggle modules activated through the iOS control center configuration. Gestures: Prysm provides a new means of accessing the control center. Simply swipe up from the bottom corners of your device, or enable the stock gesture to access Prysm like the regular control center. Status Widgets: Easily see the most important information using status widgets. An indicator cluster (iOS 13+) and battery widget are placed above the Prysm card and update instantly. Tweak Support: Prysm supports most control center tweaks right out of the box. All additional toggle modules can be displayed within the quick access module or hidden in the toggle cluster under the control center. Community favorite Magma Evo seamlessly integrates with Prysm to offer nearly limitless customization potential. Check out Magma Evo here. Prysm supports all jailbroken devices running iOS 11 or later. Developed by @LaughingQuoll and designed by @thetimeloop. Return Policy Change of Mind: Change of mind returns are usually allowed within 24 hours of the purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Excessively rude or vulgar refund requests will be rejected. Issue Based Return: Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked if the request is ambiguous using the Packix Support Chat function. Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days issue verification a refund will be provided. Other Returns: If your refund request does not fall within one of the above categories the request will be evaluated at my own discretion. Please Note: Processing of refunds can take up to 7 days and if accepted funds should be made available within 3-5 business days depending on the method of payment. I reserve the right to reject refunds at my own discretion. Frequent returns are closely monitored. Excessive returns by a single user will be flagged and potentially refused at my discretion. Failure to read the description of the tweak and in turn this policy will result in a request being declined. Special Siver Patreon Price: $1.39 What's New v1.4.1 Fixed respring button crash. v1.4 Added new toolbar mode (BETA). Fixed disable on lockscreen. Fixed hearing toggle not appearing. Fixed empty expanded modules. Improved battery widget responsiveness Removed redundant phone indicator. v1.3.2 Fixed some toggles not responding. Depends : mobilesubstrate, com.laughingquoll.prefixui, com.opa334.ccsupport Download: prysm_1.4.1.deb
  2. Description: Cho phép bạn tải/chia sẻ hình ảnh & video từ các app mạng xã hội một cách dễ dàng! Phiên bản cũ không hiểu vì lý do gì mà khi cài đặt xong sẽ bị lỗi ở chỗ màn hình xuất hiện dòng DLEasy và ko hoạt động, bản này đã được sửa lỗi rồi nhé 😉 Allow you to Download/share images & videos from social apps easily! . Support A12 & A13 on iOS 13. . ( Apollo - Facebook - Instagram Jodel - Likee - Messenger - MeWe - Pinterest Reddit - TikTok - Tumblr - Twitch - Tweetbot Twitter - VK - WhatsApp - YouTube ) . Long press to save/share video and image. . Download/share videos and images from all available apps in DLEasy. You can know the compatible versions inside tweak settings. Import video and audio from YouTube & WhatsApp into Music.app. Save media in a custom album as DLEasy. You can minimize the download interface and the download will be in the background. And much... . Support Import Audio to Music App for All devices. . Configure DLEasy from Settings. . The tweak is available in Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish. . If you want DLEasy support your language, you can do this from here. After you edit the Localizable.strings file manually, please send them to this Email: prooxy0@gmail.com. What's New v2.9.2 Add support Likee App. Fix MeWe App. Fix download for some videos in YouTube. Support lastet version of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Apps. Fix issue of horizontal orientation " rotation " in WhatsApp. Update special page of compatible versions. Fix some general issues. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap Download: me.ahmedbafkir.dleasy_2.9.2k.deb
  3. Vào rạng sáng nay ngày 16/02/2020 (theo giờ Việt Nam), Pwn20wnd đã phát hành công cụ Jailbreak iOS 13.0-13.3 cho các thiết bị Chip A12/13 Ngày 9/3/2020, Pwn20wnd tiếp tục phát hành bản cập nhật 4.3.1 của Unc0ver với nhiều tính năng được cập nhật và khắc phục một số lỗi, hiện tại đây có thể coi là bản ổn định nhất với thời gian Jailbreak chỉ mất khoảng 2s-4s 😄 Download: Undecimus-v4.3.1.ipa Vào ngày 20/02/2020 Pwn20wnd đã tung ra bản cập nhật của công cụ Unc0ver 4.2.1 với nhiều sửa lỗi để Jailbreak hoàn thiện hơn cho các thiết bị Các bạn tải bản cập nhật về, khởi động lại thiết bị sau đó Jailbreak lại nhé (nhớ dùng Reprovision để cài đặt trước khi khởi động lại nhé 😄 ) Công cụ này hoạt động phải nói là rất ổn định, hơn công cụ JB iOS 12.4.1 cũ 😄 Các bạn download về sử dụng công cụ Altserver để cài lên thiết bị nhé ( https://altstore.io ) Bạn nào muốn Jailbreak trực tiếp trên thiết bị có thể vào link sau đây: https://teshinfo.com Chúc các bạn vui vẻ
  4. Description Compatible with iOS 10 to iOS 13 and all devices that can run Netflix 10.x.x or later. Chọn một tập ngẫu nhiên từ các chương trình yêu thích của bạn trên Netflix cho iOS! Pick a random episode from your favorite shows on Netflix for iOS! Trying to Netflix and Chill and can't figure out which episode to put on? Simply pull up your favorite show on Netflix and tap on the new "Shuffle" button. This will select a random episode from any available season and begin playing it immediately! Depends : firmware (>= 8.0), mobilesubstrate Download: flixroulette_1.0.0.deb

    half v1.0.1

    Description: Phong cách hiển thị chỉ số Pin mới cho iOS 11-13 New iOS Battery Indicator Style for iOS 11~13 Description half brings a beautiful iOS Battery Indicator concept to your iOS devices. It is not just images with battery percent. Supported Versions iOS 11 ~ iOS 13 Supported Devices iOS 11: iPhone X iOS 12: iPhone X iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone XS Max And All iPads iOS 13: ALL DEVICES! If your device is not supported, you can still use the tweak with iPhone X-style status bar enabler such as HomeGesture or LittleX. There is no plan to support non-notched devices on iOS 12 and below. Troubleshooting Respring Re-installing Re-jailbreaking If these things doesn't fix your problem, please make an issue at here. Donation If you enjoy my tweaks and want to buy me an ice cream, please donate at here. Follow me on Twitter Follow Ayden Leppert on Twitter What's New v1.0.1 Adds support RTL Hide iOS default percentage everytime Depends : mobilesubstrate Download: half_1.0.1.deb
  6. Descriptions: Snowboard là một trình quản lý theme nhẹ nhàng, nhiều tính năng và không gây tốn pin như các tweak khác. Bao gồm toàn bộ các Extensions mình đính kèm theo, các bạn cài đặt hết luôn nhé. Snowboard is a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary Winterboard theming engine. It works with iOS 7 and up and supports formats from all other popular theming engines. Snowboard is faithful to the spirit of jailbreaking, and as an essential tool, it is therefore available for free. What's New? Latest Version: 1.2.82~Beta1 Fix certain masks on folders v1.2.78~Beta1 Fix extensions for Spotlight Search v1.2.74~Beta1 Update exclude list for alt icon picker Add english localisations for new preset extension update v1.2.67~Beta1 Fix crash with icon scaling on iOS 10 Fix minor ui bug with toggle buttons in theme selector UI when in dark mode on iOS 13 v1.2.66~Beta1 Fix named folder icons (iOS 13) Fix label height for scaled icons (iOS 13) Fix folder grid image not updating without respring (iOS 13) Improve animations when icon scaling is enabled on iOS 12 and 13 Fix folders Add press and hold to theme selector to show sub-theme information in theme selector Performance improvements v1.2.57~Beta1 Fix clock icon with glyph themes v1.2.52~Beta1 Bug fix v1.2.45~Beta1 Bug fixes Fix folder masking on iOS 13 v1.2.44~Beta1 Fix badge glitch with custom icon radius/scale on iOS 13 v1.2.37~Beta1 Various bug fixes and improvements Fixed FolderGridImageAlpha Added support for named folder backgrounds (Requires respring) Theme selector UI improvements, including ability to group/ungroup themes Improved extension UI Added some further utilities for extensions to make use of in the future Hide Icon Touch overlays toggle added to Icon Options Fix some issues with widget icon theming Partially tested iOS 13 support Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader Conflicts : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, winterboard Replaces : anemoneteam.anemone, com.anemonetheming.anemone, winterboard Download: version 1.2.82~beta1: SnowBoard_1.2.82~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Application: SnowBoard Application_1.0.1~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension: SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension_1.0.18~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension: SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension_1.0.13~Beta1.deb - version 1.0.5~beta1: SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension_1.0.5~Beta1.deb Chú ý: SB Icon Masks Extension v1.0.10~beta1 đã hoạt động tốt trên Xs Max 12.4 rồi nhé, mình đã test trên máy mình và hoạt động bình thường. Tuy nhiên mình vẫn sẽ để v1.0.5~beta1 cho bạn nào vẫn còn bị lỗi tải về cài lại. SnowBoard Procedural Wallpapers Extension: SnowBoard Procedural Wallpapers Extension_1.0.1~Beta1.deb SnowBoard StatusBar Extension: SnowBoard StatusBar Extension_1.0.2~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Page Dots Extension: SnowBoard Page Dots Extension_1.0.1~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension: SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension_1.0.22~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Preset Extension: SnowBoard Preset Extension_1.0.15~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Dock Extension: SnowBoard Dock Extension_1.0.7~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Fonts Extension: SnowBoard Fonts Extension_1.0.2~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Respring Extension: SnowBoard Respring Extension_1.0.1~Beta1.deb SnowBoard Labels Extension: SnowBoard Labels Extension_1.0.0~Beta1.deb
  7. Description Compatible with iOS 12.x Tinh chỉnh này không phải là một bản vá mà nó sẽ giảm thiểu việc khai thác lỗi iMessage RCE theo cách tương tự như cách Apple giảm nhẹ nó trên iOS 12.4.1 đến 13.1.3. This tweak is not a patch, per se - it mitigates against an iMessage RCE exploit in a similar fashion to how Apple mitigated it in iOS 12.4.1 through 13.1.3. It is VERY experimental and may cause a few slow downs or issues using iMessage (and iOS itself) - but anything's better than being l33t h4x0r'd. Exploit Write-Up No options to configure. No Screenshots for this item. Depends : mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), firmware (>= 9.0), firmware (<< 12.4.1) Download: imessagercepatch_1.0.1.deb
  8. Description Cercube là một công cụ đem đến rất nhiều tính năng hữu ích cho ứng dụng Youtube như: tải video, chạy trong nền, phát Youtube PIP... Cercube not only gives you the features that are missing from YouTube, but it also gives you full control over the app. Cercube is localized in English, Arabic, German & Italian. Downloads - Download videos up to 4K resolution - Download videos as audio only - Set default download quality - Play downloads in a material design player - Manage and share downloads to any app - Import downloads to Music or Videos Video Player - Play YouTube videos using Picture in Picture - Set default YouTube player quality on WiFi - Set default YouTube player quality on 3G/4G - Auto replay videos on end - Add rewind and forward skipping buttons - Add speed controls to YouTube player Enhancements - Change default startup page - Enable background playback - Play in high quality on Mobile Data Customization - Remove Trending tab - Force white keyboard accross app What's New v5.1.6 - Fixed player buttons not appearing on YouTube v15.02. v5.1.5 - Fixed crash on devices running iOS 10 or below. v5.1.4 - Fixed auto-replay option not working. - Fixed rare crash when viewing downloads. - Minor bug fixes and improvements. Version 5.1.3 - Fixed Picture-in-Picture not working on iOS 13. - Fixed automatic logout some users were experiencing. - Changes for some UI components to improve user experience. - Other bug fixes and improvements. - iOS 13 Notice: PiP only works on officially supported devices. Version 5.1.2 - Fixed crash on iOS versions earlier than 13.2 Depends : firmware (>= 9.0), mobilesubstrate, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap Conflicts : me.freemanrepo.cercube, com.unlimapps.ytpp, com.yourepo.goldcydia.cercube3ios789, com.yourepo.mohadu31.cercube3ios789, com.yourepo.canolli.cercube3ios789, com.repo.xarold.com.cercube3, com.hackyouriphone.cercube3, com.biteyourapple.net.cercube3, com.yourepo.arabicydia.cercube2, me.alfhaily.adblockforyoutube, me.alfhaily.cercube.lib, com.pulandres.cercubecrack Download: me.alfhaily.cercube_v5.1.6_iphoneos-arm.deb
  9. Description: FingerLock - Thêm nhiều tính năng tuyệt vời cho màn hình khóa của thiết bị. FingerLock - Add awesome features to your lock screen Initial iOS 13 support is included in FingerLock v1.1 and higher. Requires libcolorpicker from here. All options except button color are disabled for all iOS versions, an future update will reenable them. Customizable unlock button Long press or tap to unlock Change button X and Y positions 4 options for haptic feedback when unlocking Full color customization Skip passcode screen after a respring Hide lockscreen page dots Hide "Press home to unlock" or "Swipe up to unlock" text Button Custom Images If you set an image manually, it must contain transparency to be displayed properly due to the button tint feature. Proper image replacement will be added in a future update Please refer to the built in image found at /Library/Application Support/FingerLock/com.mtac.fingerlock.bundle/button.png when adding your own image What's New v1.1.6-1 Fixed bug where fingerprint view would appear when tweak was disabled, added faster apply method, and removed unused lockscreen hook v1.1.5-1 Small fix that dismissed fingerprint view after notification center was dismissed in landscape view v1.1.4-1 Added proper iOS 13 support, fixed some issues with button tint color and positioning, and changed preferences tint color to work better with iOS 13's dark mode v1.1.3-1 No changes were reported. v1.1.2-19 Fixed fingerprint not appearing on iOS 12, and disabled unused options in Settings v1.1.2-16 Fixed fingerprint not appearing on iOS 12, and disabled unused options in Settings v1.1-23 Initial iOS 13 Support, read depiction for details Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Conflicts : uk.invoxiplaygames.lockglyphmodern Download: FingerLock_1.1.6-1.deb
  10. Description: Complications đem đến các tiện ích Apple Watch cho màn hình khóa iphone của bạn. Complications brings Apple Watch widgets to your iPhone's lock screen. Each widget beautifully animates and updates throughout the day, without sacrificing battery life. Get all the information you need with just a glance. Tap a complication to quickly open its app to get even more info. Custom x/y positioning lets you move the widgets to fit into your setup. You can even choose the number of rows and columns you want. Apple Watch not required! Simply press and hold a complication to choose from an ever-growing list of options: Activity Rings Air Quality Index Battery Date Find my Friends Home Mail Messages Music News Phone Rain Percentage Remote Sunrise / Sunset Timer UV Index Wallet Weather Temperature Weather Conditions Wind What's New v1.1 Fixes an issue where some users would get stuck in safe mode or a respring loop after installing Fixes an issue where changing rows and columns would cause a crash on iOS 13 Added Wallet complication Official support for Manta Added watchOS SF Rounded font on iOS 13 When using a bright wallpaper text is now dark for better legibility Support for 24-hour format based on device's settings AQI complication renamed to "Air Quality" Other bug fixes and minor improvements v1.0.0 No changes were reported. Depends : mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), firmware (>= 3.0), com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap (>= 1.0.3) | firmware (<< 7.0) Download: com.iphonejb.complications_1.1k.deb
  11. Description: Tinh chỉnh All in One cho ứng dụng WhatsApp Messenger! Watusi sẽ giúp cho WhatsApp đơn giản và dễ sử dụng hơn, cho phép bạn thay đổi mọi phần của ứng dụng để đáp ứng nhu cầu của bạn. Watusi will make WhatsApp easier and simpler to use, allowing you to change every part of the app to satisfy your needs. Some of its features: Freeze your last seen and control your read receipts Keep your contacts deleted messages and statuses Status Add-ons: Never let your friends know that you viewed their statuses – Download any status – disable auto-advance – Privacy contact groups Auto-reply can reply to your messages automatically Schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time Blacklist some contacts in order to stop receiving & showing their messages in the chats but instead read their messages in a private location Voice/Video call buttons will let you pick whether you want to WA call or carrier call Set app passcode or by TouchID – or just lock a specific chat Compose a chat by just inserting the phone number instead of creating a new contact Group button to show all your groups together View contact's profile picture by tapping on it from the chat list New Watusi sharing sheet will change your WhatsApp sharing experience Send unlimited number of photos at once Shrink those large emojis back Hide any button that annoys your WhatsApp usage Customize your WhatsApp notifications in many ways like replacing the icon with your contact’s profile picture Change the app and chats theme by picking any fonts & colors you like! And much, much more! The package includes 3 flipswitches for Freeze Lastseen, Read Receipts and Delivery Receipts to turn them on/off from Control Center. The tweak is available in English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish. Configure options from inside WhatsApp settings. What's New v1.2.29 (15 Jan 2020) Dark mode fixes for WhatsApp 2.20.10 v1.2.28 (13 Jan 2020) More bug fixes to Message Scheduler, should work fine now v1.2.27 (8 Jan 2020) Changed support email to support@fouadraheb.com Initial support for upcoming WhatsApp update 2.20.10 More improvements to Message Scheduler and fixed sending message twice if WhatsApp is open or sending again after a respring Fixed new message cell showing white background in dark mode when a message is received in background v1.2.25 (24 Dec 2019) Re-wrote message scheduler feature with a new implementation that should work now even when WhatsApp is not active in background or after a respring Enabled swipe to delete chat option on Archived Chats list Fixed Archive Lock feature not showing red lock icon on locked chats in archive list Fixed chats bubbles showing dark background when selected in dark mode v1.2.23 (11 Dec 2019) Fixed Control Center toggles not working properly v1.2.22 (8 Dec 2019) Fixed Unread Message cell background on dark mode Fixed swipe to delete chat and swipe for contact info switches Fixed swipe for contact info crashin+g for groups Added a package conflict with some similar or unmaintained WhatsApp tweaks that can conflict with Watusi v1.2.21 (27 Nov 2019) More dark mode fixes on latest WhatsApp 2.1.120 Fixed bootloop when jailbreaking using Checkra1n 0.9.5 Removed Stashing workaround for devices on iOS older than 10.3. It was causing issues with WatusiTools not loading properly Depends : firmware (>= 9.0), mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), preferenceloader, com.f0u4d.watusitools (>= 2.1.9), com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap, applist Conflicts : com.freemanrepo.waplus, com.ahmedbafkir.wadarkmode, com.idevmobile.whatsappblacklist, co.xrepo.mokadam.whatsapprevael, com.f0u4d.watusi, org.thebigboss.watusi, repo.biteyourapple.net.watusitools, com.hackyouriphone.watusitools, com.pulandres.noadswatusi, com.pulandres.noadswatusi1, com.hackyouriphone.whatshack, com.pulandres.whatshack Download: com.fouadraheb.watusi_1.2.29_iphoneos-arm.deb
  12. Description: Instagram ++ - The Instagram tweak that makes Instagram easier and more convenient to use, allows photo/video downloads and sharing, and improves on the Instagram interface. Appearance Enhancements: • Custom main and explore feed types: choose between full feed and thumbnail view for each feed • Show full timestamps for posts with customizable date/time formats • Hide comments in full feed view • Hide Bio info in profile view • Spoof followers count • Spoof following count • Fullscreen view Media Viewing Enhancements: • Open Links inside Instagram • Show HQ photos in thumbnails • Long hold an image to zoom • Show caption while zoomed Media sharing and downloads: • Share videos/photos using built in iOS share sheet • Download videos/photos to your iOS camera roll • Double tap on thumbnails to share/download • Re-Gram videos and photos • Download media • Copy/Share Text Misc Enhancements: • Always play video sound in full feed • Confirm double tap to like • Password protect the Instagram app • Disable DM read receipts • Manage multiple Instagram accounts. To support our development of Instagram ++ as a free product, we've set it up to display ads near the bottom of your Instagram app. If you want to remove the ads you can tweet from the app for a 2 week removal or donate $2 for a lifetime license. Thanks for your support! **Please note Instagram ++ is not in anyway associated or affiliated with Instagram or Facebook Inc.** What's New v1.8r-300 Fixes for iG 124.0 v1.8r-294 Fix video saving v1.8r-293 Fix crash on login Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 7.0), com.unlimapps.uasharedtools (>= 2.1r-64) Conflicts : repo.biteyourapple.net.pluscrack, repo.biteyourapple.net.gramplus, com.jake0oo0.instabetter, com.insanj.savegram Download: com.unlimapps.gramplus_1.8r-300_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. Description: Installer 5 - Chợ quản lý tweaks cho các thiết bị iDevices đã Jailbreak giống như Cydia, Sileo, Zebra... GIao diện trực quan, dễ sử dụng, nhiều tính năng hữu ích... có thể chạy song song với các store khác, mời các bạn trải nghiệm. TÍNH NĂNG, ĐẶC ĐIỂM CỦA INSTALLER 5: Hiển thị tất cả các gói đã mua/cài đặt trong một giao diện Cho phép thay đổi ngôn ngữ Tự động xóa danh mục Hỗ trợ tùy chỉnh chế độ Sáng / Tối tương tự như tính năng mới trên iOS 13 Sao lưu thiết lập của bạn (ví dụ các nguồn, gói đã cài đặt v.v...) Xác thực sinh trắc học cho các tác vụ cài đặt/gỡ cài đặt gói Xóa biểu tượng Xóa ảnh chụp màn hình Gợi ý các gói nổi bật dựa trên cộng đồng người dùng jailbreak Hạ cấp gói cài đặt Tìm kiếm với mức độ chính xác cao hoặc mở Tốc độ cài đặt gói nhanh nhất Tốc độ làm mới nguồn nhanh nhất Theo dõi nhà phát triển và được thông báo khi họ phát hành gói mới Ẩn hoặc hiển thị một số thành phần trên các gói Ẩn/Bỏ qua cập nhật Ẩn phiên bản gói Ẩn các chỉ báo tương thích với tinh chỉnh Nhập kho lưu trữ từ trình quản lý gói khác Đăng nhập vào tất cả các cửa hàng trong một giao diện Native miêu tảsử dụng json của SILEO Native miêu tả phân tích cho ModMyi, ZodTTD & BigBoss Hiển thị thông báo thay vì cảnh báo Lựa chọn để tự động hiển thị miêu tả web trên mô tả gốc Hỗ trợ lịch sử tìm kiếm gói Xóa gói khỏi hàng đợi nhưng không loại bỏ toàn bộ hàng đợi Khôi phục thiết lập của bạn từ bản sao lưu Xem lại các gói Xem khả năng xung đột trước khi cài đặt Xem bao nhiêu gói bạn đã cài đặt trên mỗi kho lưu trữ Xem nếu gói cần có còn lại trước khi cài đặt Xem thêm gói từ nhà phát triển bất kể kho lưu trữ đang ở đâu Xem lần cập nhật cuối của kho lưu trữ bất kỳ Danh sách nguồn chia sẻ Hỗ trợ API thanh toán của Sile cho thanh toán gói liền mạch Sắp xếp gói theo các kho lưu trữ riêng biệt Hiển thị xu hướng tìm kiếm Chỉ báo tương thích tweak cho tất cả các gói Tạo danh sách yêu thích cho các gói Cho phép người dùng theo dõi để cập nhật khi phát hành gói tinh chỉnh hoặc debian mới Hồ sơ nhà phát triển Chia sẻ gói với kho lưu trữ tự động Tích hợp trình duyệt cho kho lưu trữ Tùy chọn phương thức ủng hộ (donate) AppTapp is very excited to reveal Installer 5 to everyone! Installer is a new fully featured package manager for jailbroken devices on iOS 9 - 12. It is the first package manager to have been built specifically for iOS, instead of having been ported over. What does it mean ? Instead of entirely relying on ported binaries from linux we decided to use the native way. Refreshing sources, installing / updating / removing a packages are all done using native iOS features, increasing performances over what you was used to. It is also fully compatible with other package managers, meaning that you can use Installer alongside Cydia / Zebra / Sileo without any issues (you'll be able to use Installer to update or uninstall packages installed using other package managers and vice-versa). As a features list is better than a long talk, here is the main features you can expect from Installer (full list available here? Brand new design inspired by the AppStore one with a small touch of our Only use native code to refresh sources and manage packages (dpkg is however used if available to ensure a perfect compatiblity with other package managers) Beautiful depictions based on our format (simple json that every repository can adopt). If not available, Installer will use the Sileo depiction (again if available) or parse the html depiction for compatible repositories No advertisements for a smooth navigation (only BigBoss depictions contains ads with support for other repositories coming soon) Non intrusive tasks progress: Installer execute all its tasks in the background, updating the navigation bars titles with the current amount of active tasks. If however you want to see the current progress click on the titles, that will bring either a normal view or a verbose style one ... And many more! Installer 5 has been in development for over 1 year and a half. While our sense of perfectionism made us to push our limits to be sure everything is bug free, issues could happen. If that's your case, head over to our dedicated forum section. We hope you enjoy what we've been working hard on! ChangeLog: v5.0.1: Most important changes - Fixed the login view always showing when launching the app - Fixed a crash when viewing the store section - Added a changelog view which shows on firstlaunch after an update. Full Changelog Added Changelog view controller Added support for setting textLabel line count in the RootViewController Attempt at resolving installation issues on iOS 10.x Changed cell grouping in Account settings Changed the now updates available alert in sections tab Fixed crash when attempting to open the Store section in settings Fixed sandbox build crashing when deployed to device Fixed settings not being saved for new users Update depreciated API usage due to deployment target change Updated reviews view controllers to use ATPaletteManager v5.0.0 Installer is now out of beta. v5.0b9 New Update all button: All updated packages are shown in the Changes vc and replaced the See All button with an Update All one that will queue them all Installer no longer separates new and other sources Added the ability to remove the default repositories No more alerts when source refreshes aren't successful but error message in place of the description New confirmation screen for installation, removing the non native banner. Improved Change No description to Loading description for the first reload Added alternative icon method (settings) Remove slimmer sources cells Removed all traces of Chariz following their migration Removed everything related to snapshots Whitelisted Spark's repo as it list a Sileo endpoint for paid packages but doesn't return tokens when logging in Made the featured package alert's message clearer If a source contain 0 packages in the database during a source refresh, a package indexation is forced even if the Packages files are identical Extended the anti alert spam change to Release file download, added debug to NSURLSessionDelegate error method to debug things more easily and improved the condition to force packages indexing Removed Nepeta from default sources We cancel adding a source if the same source exist but with http or https Installer now also check if a same source with http or https exist while importing sources from another PM Improved the Realm migration block to avoid jumping between old and new database versions and so missing steps Removed unnecessary entitlements Fixed Fixed automatic uicache (icons now directly appear on the homescreen without any manual actions) Fixed a crash caused by updating the Changes tab too early when appearing after a source refresh Changed Zebra sources list location to fix import Fixed provides not found (and so dependencies errors) due to version specific being wrote to the db Fixed detecting update done from another PM Fixed version equality detection in sources refreshes Fixed updating updates badge Fixed a crash occurring when hitting Cancel in the search bar and then launching a search again Fixed changing the PackageDetailsVC's get button title depending on the state of the currently running task Presumably fixed the error at the ATRPackages initialization that caused a crash due to nil identifier Fixed crash happening when trying to downloaded a paid packages hosted on a sileo based repo in which you aren't logged in Fixed updating the updates badge after a successful update Fixed auto width for get button in the web depiction vc Fixed showing web depiction when set from the Home tab Fixed new sources not showing up until you switch tabs Fixed "Object has been invalidated or deleted" error in package icon fetch and source refresh tasks Fixed "Object has been invalidated or deleted" error while trying to show a package or source icon Fixed the "this source contain 0 package" alert being shown incorrectly, fixed wrong source's packages count, improved sources refreshes error handling Fixed large title text color issue due to theme switching Modified buttons background in dark mode Fixed packages tasks not being launched when showing the verbose view automatically isn't activated Fixed crash caused by null keys in sileo depiction Fixed Sileo changelog detection for people who use the Change Log tab name Fixed Packix changelog detection Fix formatting error due to markdown -> attributed string conversion errors Fixed dependencies errors due to missing space between the bundle id and the ( Fixed error alert going outside of the screen. PRO TIP: You can now long press an error message to copy it in your pasteboard for an easier report Fixed Sileo login in both root and sandboxed builds Fixed edge cases where the app's privileges weren't restored after a package task Fixed the changes tab not being updated if it was the active vc Fixed crash when trying to refresh the Home tab while it isn't active Fixed crash when closing the web depiction view controller while it is loading Fixed identifying package coming from DPKG to show to correct label in depictions Fixed the share sheet in all the views that use it Fixed detecting an incorrect user when logging in Fixed crash when closing a web depiction vc when the size of the web view is going to be changed Fixed crash when queuing a package for uninstall and then queuing one of its dependency for uninstall Depends : firmware (>= 9.0) Download: Installer_501.deb
  14. Description Supports iOS 8 to 13 Safari Plus - Tinh chỉnh mang tới rất nhiều tính năng hữu ích cho trình duyệt Safari đang chờ bạn khám phá ? Safari is great mobile browser but it lacks some features. That's where Safari Plus comes into play. Safari Plus features a lot of stuff, ranging from small usability improvements to extensive new features. Additionally, it also adds several options to customize Safari to your liking. Each feature can be toggled on or off on demand inside settings. A full feature list can be found below. Privacy: • Force HTTPS (+ configurable exception sites) • Locked Tabs - Adds a lock-switch to every tab inside the tab switcher that, when enabled, prevents the specific tab from being closed until the switch is disabled again • Biometric Protection - Require TouchID / FaceID verification for switching browsing modes, locking tabs, unlocking tabs or accessing locked tabs Uploads & Downloads: • Upload Any File - An additonal option to the document sheet that can be used to upload any file on your root file system • Download Manager - Extensive enhancements to the downloading functionality of Safari, check out the preference page for more detailed info Usability: • Both Link Opening Options - Have the "Open in Background" option and the "Open in New Tab" option available alongside each other • Open in Opposite Mode Option - Adds an option to open a long pressed URL in the respective other browsing mode • Desktop Mode Switch - A switch inside tab switcher that can be used to toggle desktop mode on / off globally • Tab Manager - An easy way to batch-export, batch-close and batch-add tabs • Disable Tab Limit - Disables the default tab limit (varies between devices) • Always Open Links in New Tab (+ Option to always open in background) • Fully Disable Private Browsing • Insert Suggestion on Long Press - Insert a search suggestion into the URL bar by long pressing it • Suggestion Insert Button - Insert a search suggestion into the URL bar by pressing a button on the right of it (on iOS 12.1.4 and below) • Show Tab Count - Shows the tab count on the button that opens the tab switcher • Fullscreen Scrolling - Hide the top bar when scrolling down • Lock Bars - Lock the top and buttom bar into place while scrolling • Show Full Site URL - Always show the full URL in the top bar • Suppress Mailto Dialog (on iOS 10 and above) Actions: • Change Browsing Mode on App Start, App Resume, External Link Opened • Auto Close Tabs on Minimazion or Close of Safari • Auto-Clear Browser Data on Minimization or Close of Safari Gestures: • URL Bar Swipe Left, Right, Down Gestures • Toolbar Swipe Left, Right, Up / Down Gestures • Many available actions to trigger Customization: • Color Settings for Top Toolbar, Bottom Toolbar and Tab Switcher for both normal and private browsing modes • Change the button order of the Top and Bottom Toolbars • Custom Start Site - Change the default favorites view when opening a new tab to a specified URL • Custom Start Engine - Change the search engine of Safari to any URL • Custom User Agent - Change the user agent for both mobile and desktop mode Open source on Github What's New v1.7.9-3 • Fix random crashes on iOS 10.2 and below v1.7.9-2 • Fix startup crash on iOS 10 and below • Color settings have been reimplemented and reenabled for iOS 13, now with light/dark mode support • Fix some legibility issues with dark mode on iOS 13 • Fix some features like previewing files and saving videos to camera roll being broken on checkra1n due to incomplete / inconsistent (?) sandbox patches • Fix RocketBootstrap error alert on appearing on iOS 13 • Fix some crashes related to video downloading on iOS 13(.3?) • Fix mode switch actions not working in some cases on iOS 13 • Fix video downloading sometimes receiving the wrong URL • Internal code improvements v1.7.8-2 • Support for iOS 13 • Color settings have been disabled on iOS 13 for now and will be added back in a future update • Fix an issue where pressing the downloads button would crash Safari • Fix crash when accessing "Uploads & Downloads" on iOS 13 Depends : firmware (>= 8.0), mobilesubstrate (>= 0.9.5000), preferenceloader, ws.hbang.common, com.creaturesurvive.libcscolorpicker, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap Download: safariplus_1.7.9-3.deb
  15. Description: Tinh chỉnh cho phép bạn thay đổi các cài đặt trình chuyển đổi khác nhau trên iOS12. Bao gồm bố cục lưới, tùy chọn để ẩn tiêu đề, ứng dụng, ứng dụng trung tâm, thêm bóng, thay đổi kích thước thẻ và tô màu nền. Change various switcher settings on iOS12 and iOS13. Including a grid layout, option to hide titles, apps, center apps, add shadows, change card size, and color the background. What's New Version:0.5.4 · Improved centering logic · removed unused code Version:0.5 · Added support for arm64e (A12) · Added app fix for XS Max Version:0.4 · Display icons on card when centered icons is set Version:0.3 · Fixed glitch when opening apps after respring (iPX) · Overlay grid icons · Add darker/bigger shadows · Color the background Depends : mobilesubstrate, me.nepeta.libcolorpicker Download: Switcherstyle_0.5.4.deb
  16. Description: Tweaks Manager có chức năng vô hiệu hóa tất cả các Tweaks hoặc ẩn Jailbreak với các ứng dụng nào đó. It allows you to disable the access of tools and applications that prevent you from using them if you have a jailbreak Also, you can hide the jailbreak from applications and games instead of disabling them Buy me coffee! Donate to continue It was developed by Azozz ALFiras This tool is free and not licensed for sale If you have any suggestions, contact me on Twitter What's New v1.2 Fix the jailbreak hide problem v1.1 Fix crash. v1.0 TweakManager for disable all tweaks from app or hide jailbreak You can select specfic App for disable and hide jailbreak ! Depends : mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common Download: Tweaks Manager_1.2.deb
  17. Description: Noctis12 - Chế độ tối toàn hệ thống cho iOS 12 Dark mode for iOS 12 Supports the following: Widgets Notifications Dock 3D Touch Menus Media Player Alerts Popups Many stock and third party applications Return Policy Change of Mind: Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Excessively rude or vulgar refund requests will be rejected. Issue Based Return: Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked if the request is ambiguous using the Packix Support Chat function. Refund requests may be closed if no respose is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days issue verification a refund will be provided. Other Returns: If you refund request does not fall within one of the above categories the request will be evaluated at my own discretion.  Please Note: Processing of refunds can take up to 7 days and if accepted funds should be made avaliable within 3-5 business days dpending on method of payment. I reserves the right to reject refunds at my own discretion. Frequent returns are closely monitored. Excessive returns by a single user will be flagged and potentially refused at my discretion. Failure to read the description of the tweak and in turn this policy will result in a request being declined. What's New v1.8.9.5 Bug fixes and improvements. v1.8.9.4 This update reverts a bug fix that caused text in the music now playing view to be illegible. v1.8.9.3 Bug Fixes v1.8.9.2 Fixed text selection. Fixed transparent authentication views. Fixed expanded message notifications. v1.8.9.1 Added CC Button in Display Module v1.8.9 Added Home app support Added Notes app support Added TV app support Added ScreenTime support Fixed App Store Offer Button not toggling text colour Fixed white flashes between pages in App Store Fixed Messages menu bar being light Fixed UIPicker in applications Fixed notification extensions Fixed activator action Reverted dock to 1.7.4 v1.8.8 Fixed nav bars remaining black in true dark mode. Fixed grey header in recently deleted. Fixed Messages app. Fixed dark media. Fixed group notifications effect. Fixed edit widgets view. Fixed App Store search header. Fixed Safari link view. Fixed Calendar app Headers. Fixed cancel button styling. Fixed Music app labels. Fixed Music app labels. Fixed Notes app text. Fixed transparent toolbars. Fixed Passbook UI. Fixed labels in Files app. Fixed check mark in Message settings. Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, me.nepeta.libcolorpicker, com.laughingquoll.prefixui, com.spark.libsparkapplist, com.opa334.ccsupport, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap Conflicts : com.laughingquoll.noctisxi Download: Noctis12_1.8.9.5.deb
  18. Description: Tùy biến lại Trung tâm Kiểm soát của bạn Magma Evo là tinh chỉnh giúp bạn tùy chỉnh lại Trung tâm Kiểm soát (Control Center) của thiết bị như: thay đổi màu sắc các module, di chuyển vị trí... Đây được xem như là bản nâng cấp của Magma Pro, tương thích với cả iOS 13. Redefine your Control Center Magma Evo is a feature-packed customization tweak for your Control Center. From changing the color of every module over rearranging your Connectivity toggles to removing the dark container background around the modules - almost everything is possible! This is the official successor of Magma Pro, with a lot more features, bug fixes and increased user-friendliness. It supports all stock modules on iOS 12 and 13, along with all modules from both CCModules and PowerModule. Full feature list: Connectivity toggles Rearrange the stock order Change the enabled/disabled colors Glyph-only mode to remove the circular overlays around enabled toggles Launchers & Toggles Change the enabled/disabled colors Choose between three ways to display enabled toggles: stock, removed white background or colored background Media Controls Color title, artist, control buttons and the progress bar Option to color the widget on the lockscreen as well Sliders Color both the background and the icon separately Miscellaneous Color the background of the Control Center Align the Control Center to the bottom instead of the top Hide the Status Bar Color the Status Bar Overall Hide the dark container background around every module for a cleaner design Magma Evo also features an extensive preset feature that allows you to easily save your current setup, try different settings and change it back later. You can also import settings from other users easily and switch between them, or export one of your presets to share it with the world. Compatible with BetterCCXI. If you are using any version of Noctis, make sure to disable the "Dark CC" option. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 12.0), preferenceloader (>= 2.2.4~beta1), com.opa334.ccsupport, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: Magmaevo_1.0.0.deb
  19. Description: Tinh chỉnh đem tới cho bạn nhiều khả năng quản lý thư mục trên thiết bị như: tùy chỉnh số ứng dụng trong thư mục, tùy chỉnh số dòng, số cột... và nhiều tính năng khác chờ bạn khám phá ;) Note: Existing FCXII customers from my repo do not purchase- it’s the same package, and any updates will appear in both repos. FCXII is A12 compatible, and works on all devices from iOS 11-12.4 An all-in-one folder customizer with nearly endless options. Working on latest jailbreaks iOS 12.4! —————————- Choice of full page, normal or full-width folders. Open folder opacity slider Choice of normal tint, solid custom color, or 3 color gradient, of any opacity. Choice of 7 gradient styles, or a random style each time folder opens. Custom colored border and thickness. Custom number of rows and columns in folder, with custom insets. This feature is not compatible with Boxy3, but is off by default. It is compatible with ReformX, Gridiculous and IconSlide (in my beta repo-link in package settings). Open folder FX of dark background, blur removal, or normal blur. Tap anywhere to close, pinch to close, and auto-close folders when app opens. Show status bar in open folders. Multi-icon select of folders and normal icons(quickly re-arrange entire pages of homescreen). Keep empty folders (useful for icon arrangements and taking screenshots of full page open folder gradients to use as wallpaper.) Custom corner radius for open and closed folders. Custom white and color opacity for icons based on wallpaper background. Custom colored icons, with alpha slider to make color as transparent or solid as desired. Custom icon border color and thickness. Option to hide the mini-grid on icons. Option to color over themed images, or just add a border. Tech support from settings page to email tweak list and FolderControllerXII prefs for easy diagnosis of any undesired behavior. Reset prefs navigation bar button to restore all settings to defaults. Screenshot Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/V360SjH YouTube videos: Español- https://youtu.be/0JV-pqrAivg English- https://youtu.be/y39eMO9MXDo Compatible with Primal Folders, Exsto, CustomFolderIcons, and many other tweaks. Frequent updates with both new features and improvements of existing ones. Multiple language localizations. Configuración en español. الإعدادات باللغة العربية Impostazioni in italiano Einstellungen in Deutsch Настройки на русском What's New v1.0.9-3 No changes were reported. v1.0.9-2 Added Turkish language localization. Hopefully fixed occasional delay before loading of settings for users with older devices. v1.0.9 Made A12 compatible. Compiled by NepetaDev. Thank you!! Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware (>= 11.0), com.creaturesurvive.libcscolorpicker, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11) Download: Foldercontroller_1.0.9-3.deb
  20. Description Compatible with iOS 11, 12 and 13 FloatyDock - Tinh chỉnh mang thanh dock của iPad tới cho thiết bị của bạn! FloatyDock bring the iPad dock to all devices ! This also mean that you'll be able to use the Slide Over / Split View features on iPhone. Special feature compared to the stock iPad dock : it allow you to specify the max number of regular icons you want in it, but also the suggested ones and soon the recent ones. You can also specify to not show the dock above keyboard and remove it from the app switcher ! Follow me on Twitter for news about this or other apps ? Enjoy ! What's New v2.0.6 - Fixed crash on iPhone X style device when both Slide Over and « Slide Over And Split View » were enabled at the same time - Fixed being unable to exit a landscape app (e.g : games) - To show the dock in landscape apps : slide up a first time on the home bar and then slide from the real bottom of your device (where the home bar is usually). This is to prevent any kind of conflict v2.0.5 - Fixed dock appearing with a slide from the side of the screen - On X style devices (that have gesture enabled) you can show the dock in apps with a slide from bottom left / right gesture. The slide from Home Indicator gesture will work as usual - Fixed unlock being harder to do - Fixed dock being harder to trigger in apps (bug introduced in 2.0.2) - Fixed dock staying on screen on non X devices on iOS 13 - Fixed crash due to activating Slide Over and Split View on iPhone X style devices - Removed unused code - Improved some hooks v2.0.2 - Fixed dock being randomly dismissed on the home screen - Fixed some iOS 12 bugs / crashes - Added back custom dock tint color - Various optimizations v2.0.1: - Fixed crash on iOS 11 and 12 due to missing method - Fixed crash on iOS 13 due to IconSupport - Fixed folder layout becoming weird after installation - Fixed crash caused by disabling suggested apps - Limited recent and suggested apps count to 3 on iOS 13 to avoid UI glitches (for now) FloatyDock is now fully compatible with iOS 13 and come with great improvements ! - iPhone X style devices can now use Slide Over / Split View ! - You can now hide the dock in the switcher on iOS 12+ - Fixed app that are forced to rotate (such as games) by allowing you to blacklist apps that you don't want to be Slide Over / Split View compatible ! - Fixed crash caused by setting a custom dock tint color (deactivated for now until an iOS 13 compatible libcolorpicker version is released) - Fixed activating / deactivating suggested and recent apps on iOS 13 - Fixed setting custom dock icons count on iOS 13 - Improved settings handling - Some options (such as "Dock above keyboard") doesn't require a respring anymore Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader, com.chpwn.iconsupport, com.muirey03.iconsupportfix | firmware (<< 13.0) Download: floatydock_2.0.6.deb
  21. Description Tinh chỉnh hỗ trợ cho Cercube. A library used by Cercube for YouTube tweak. No screenshots, and no options to configure. This item is used by developers only. Download: libCercube_1.1.0.deb
  22. Description: Tùy chỉnh ứng dụng Cài Đặt (Settings) theo ý thích của bạn. Cho phép bạn tùy chỉnh màu sắc, khung viền, hình nền, màu chữ và nhiều hơn nữa chờ bạn khám phá. Settings Your Way. — Complete customization of the settings app. Allows setting custom color, cell shape, background image, text color and more. Includes Preset Options as well as Backup and Restore Options Known Issues May crash when entering Configuration Settings for tweak. If so add Creature Survives Repo and update libCSPreferences. This is temporary fix until BigBoss accepts his updated package. What's New Version 0.1.3 No changes listed. Version 0.1.0 Fixed more crashes. Removed Ads. Added Pure Black Preset Depends : mobilesubstrate, com.muirey03.libimagepicker, com.creaturesurvive.libcscolorpicker, com.creaturecoding.libcspreferences, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: com.midnightchips.bettersettings_0.1.3.deb
  23. Description: Tinh chỉnh cho phép bạn tô màu các module trong Trung tâm Kiểm soát (Control Center) của thiết bị. Tương thích với tweak Glacier. Allows custom setting of CC connectivity icon colours and positions. Glyph only mode. Compatible with Glacier. See Screenshots! What's New v1.7.5 Support arm64e devices Depends : mobilesubstrate, org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker Download: Bettercciconspro_1.7.5.deb
  24. Description: CCModules Pro thêm nhiều tính năng hữu ích vào Trung tâm Kiểm soát cho thiết bị của bạn. CCModules Pro is a tweak that adds useful features to the control center, with more on the way soon. Currently included with v1.1.0: • Cellular Data expandable view | What Apple should have done • WiFi expandable view | iOS 13 design • Bluetooth expandable view | iOS 13 design • Hotspot button gesture | Open hotspot settings • Power Actions module | Native design • Contact modules | Four contact modules are included • Music module gesture | Double tap to open the now playing app • Volume module gesture | Double tap to mute volume, and again to restore original volume Upcoming features: • Terminal module (next up) • Volume and brightness with steps • Website links module • ??? Note: CCModules Pro does not replace the original CCModules, they are meant to work side-by-side. What's New v1.1.0 Initial iOS 13 support Removed Cephei dependency Added music module shortcut to launch now playing app Added volume module shortcut to mute volume Added hotspot button gesture to launch hotspot settings Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 11.0), preferenceloader, com.opa334.ccsupport (>= 1.2.1) Download: ccmodulespro_1.1.0k.deb
  25. Description SafeShutdown là một tinh chỉnh giúp bạn tránh phải Jailbreak lại mỗi khi thiết bị của bạn hết pin. SafeShutdown aims to help you avoid having to re-jailbreak after your device runs out of battery. It does so by initiating a "fake shutdown" when your battery gets to the set percentage. When the device is plugged in and charges to the set restart percentage it undoes all changes and resprings, allowing it to wake up. The device will be completely unusable while enabled, in the case that you want to override SafeShutdown and use the remaining battery, there is the option to enable the emergency wake up feature in settings. What happens when the "fake shutdown" enables? The screen is turned off and disabled, low power mode enabled, all buttons and touches are ignored, raise to wake, notifications, alarms and timers are blocked, torch is turned off, screen recording is stopped and saved, all apps are quit but not removed from the app switcher, all sounds and vibrations are disabled and more. What's New v1.60 (05 Jan 2020) iOS 13 support. v1.55 (15 Nov 2019) Fixed license system issues. v1.54 (13 Jun 2019) New option in settings to fix notifications bug. Force touch SB icon to change it. Other bug fixes. v1.53 (11 Jun 2019) Bug fixes. v1.52 (08 Jun 2019) Fixed issue where some tweaks would crash due to SafeShutdown. Hopefully fixed all app crashing issues. Improved performance. v1.51 (06 Jun 2019) Fixed issue where some apps would crash for some users. Depends : mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 10.0), ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11) Download: com.kurrt.safeshutdown_1.60_iphoneos-arm.deb

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